Las Vegas Nightclub Hosts

What Is A Club VIP Host?

Nightlife and pool party hosts in Las Vegas are tasked with booking and selling tables and cabanas with bottle service. They have direct contact with customers and facilitate the sales, provide pricing and availability, and often greet them and handle the VIP group's entrances into the venues. You might have seen them at the entrance at the podium and typically manage the door. The list of direct host contacts here.

Do I Need A Host?

Typically to reserve or purchase a table for bottle service you need a VIP host. Plus, it's extremely helpful to have a direct contact to answer all your questions and make sure you get accurate information. No Cover Nightclubs has a team of hosts ready to assist in all your nightclub booking requests. We make it easier than ever to learn about the process, get legit pricing, and have a seamless process to fully enjoy the club scene. Utilizing our services you can always get a free quote and ask about any questions, we are happy to assist. Get started with nightclubs or dayclubs.

Do I Need To Tip The Hosts?

While it is not a requirement to tip the hosts, it can often go a long ways. Tipping in general always works well in the service industry, and the same applies for nightclubs. How much should you tip a host? That is up to you and possibly on how the VIP hosts treated you and your group. Maybe they assisted you in upgrading your table or stepped in to grab a group of women to join your party? If you are happy with the service feel free to reward your host.

How Do I Contact A Host?

We have a whole team of hosts ready to assist for every single venue in Las Vegas. Simply head to our table service page to get started.
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