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Truly appreciate the site. We (my wife and myself) got in without a hitch and didn’t have to pay and being a local in Las Vegas is a huge benefit. Thank you for an amazing night, will use the site again!
Date published: 12/04/2023
Christopher S.,


Thank you for the guest list services. I had no problems getting in no hassles. I appreciate your service 5 star rating. I would be happy to use it again and when I am back in Las Vegas.
Date published: 11/30/2023
5 / 5 stars
Mamta S. ,


5star, great experience.
Date published: 11/27/2023
5 / 5 stars
Nick P.,
I would just like to say, as my first trip to Las Vegas, No Cover Nightclubs definitely made it a special night to remember! I have Cerebral Palsy, and being on your guest list got me and my husband right in, without any problems. We were both free and I got two free drinks! We went to Tao nightclub, even though I put us on the guest list through No Cover Nightclubs with four total options. When we go back to Las Vegas, I’ll be using your services again. Thank you so much.
Date published: 09/25/2023
Renee R.,
Excelente, mi pareja se pudo anotar en la lista de invitados para la pool party de Stadium Swim Circa.
La pasamos de lo mejor, gracias por la experiencia.
Nos vemos en una próxima.
Date published: 09/23/2023
Ricardo C.,
Hi there. The party was amazing. I didn’t believe the ease it took for me to get in with your guest list. Thank you for this amazing service
Date published: 09/18/2023
Seif O.,
Thank you for allowing me to come and no cover! Helped a lot when your on budget on vacation. Had a good time!
Date published: 09/18/2023
Tatiana T.,
Thank you the services. No cover nightclubs was amazing and allowed us to get in to quite a few places, free of charge! This was great for our trip, since we were a group of girls celebrating my Bachelorette weekend. We had a great time, a million things to do, so not worrying in lines and paying for cover was awesome 😎.

I recommend this to anyone going to Vegas.

Date published: 08/28/2023
Deanna M.,
You really want words to explain an unexplainable!!! Lol....Drai's is the best I've seen n hip hop club appearances, decor, amazing 👏🏿 staff that gets it right quick and promptly...I celebrated my 5 year anniversary and my wife still talking about the night!!! Cudos to Drai's nightclub bes on the strip!!!!!
Date published: 08/28/2023
Omar L.,


The experience was amazing!
Zouk NightClub was an experience of a lifetime
Date published: 08/28/2023
5 / 5 stars
Lafreyda E.,
Everything went more smoothly than expected. You guys did not disappoint and I will definitely use your service again in the future.
Date published: 08/21/2023
Yee-Hang W.,


Wanted to add my review as I had the same questions as some others as to whether this was legit or not.

I was in town for work and wanted to get into Hakkasan without worrying about the general admission line, so I signed up around 7:50pm before the 8pm cutoff. Showed up at 11pm (cutoff was 11:30pm), lined up, and sure enough my name was on the list as expected. Was about a 10 min wait from entering the line to entering the club, was a completely packed house and an amazing DJ.

This was my 12th time in Vegas over the years and absolutely easiest club experience hands-down. Honestly even easier than when I did a paid group party bus.

Date published: 08/20/2023
5 / 5 stars
Ryan B.,


What an awesome experience! I am not going to lie, I was skeptical about it going into things, but we were on the list, got right in, and had some drink tickets included (an unexpected surprise!). I will definitely be checking into things the next time we visit. The Foundation Room and No Cover Nightclubs was fantastic to work with!
Date published: 08/20/2023
5 / 5 stars
Matthew W.,
We cannot thank you enough for this service, it saved our group. We really appreciate you!!!
Date published: 08/19/2023
Anthony K.,


I'm sooo grateful to have found NO COVER Nightclubs. The entire process was simple & easy to navigate. BEST, my friends and I had no issue getting into our Nightclub, just as NO COVER Nightclub stated. Completely appreciated enjoying ourselves at Tao and creating memories partying in Vegas! The entire experience was seamless as promised. Thank YOU!!!
Date published: 08/14/2023
5 / 5 stars
Tina C.,

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