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NO COVER NIGHTCLUBS was an excellent guest list service (and in my own opinion) the best way to go through the Las Vegas nightclub scene.
It was so effortless and convenient to have everything planned out in front of you online, from day/night clubs times and days of operation, to exact coin attire and times to be there by. It was as easy as: Name, number of guests, club, phone #, email, done)
Not only that, with being under the NO COVER NIGHTCLUBS guest list, if you get there before certain times, you get free drink tickets at specific clubs (always for the girls and even at times for the guys) How can you beat that!!?
Thank-you NO COVER NIGHTCLUBS for making the Las Vegas guest list effortless and cutting out the middle man and not having to go through and seek out promoters in person.
Would definitely use and recommend again.
Date published: 04/15/2019
Shaka S.,
You guys did great! We weren’t able to go to hakkasan, but we used the guest list for the after hours at Drais, and we had a blast!

Thank you!

Date published: 04/15/2019
Alex P.,
amazing!! i went to 5 day clubs.. with free drink.. 4 night clubs.. with free drinks... one where TI performed.. other yo gotti performed.. i went to a strip club picked up and dropped off by limo.. and all of it was free!!
Date published: 04/11/2019
5 / 5 stars
Ebony S., San Francisco, CA
Love your service! Liquid was the perfect location for our bestfriends day off!
Date published: 04/09/2019
Danielle F.,
Your service was phenomenal. I was on the No Cover Nightclub VIP list. There was no wait time, I was able to bring a guest and we enjoyed ourselves. What an epic experience!
Date published: 04/08/2019
Terrkia N.,
wondergul had s great time! going back memoeial wknd. thank you!
Date published: 04/08/2019
Sandra P.,
You guys are awesome!! We got right in at the Hakkasan and don’t pay a thing! Will probably check out what is available for later tonight!
Date published: 04/08/2019
Blake G.,
First, I was actually on guest list for 3 venues last night (Omnia, Drai's and Drai's after hours). I went to the Matt Goss show at Mirage; and I wasn't sure how timing would play out. I hedged with the 3 options. In the end, I only made it to Omnia, so my feedback is specific to tgat venue.

The show at Mirage ran late and I hadn't had dinner yet. After I ate, I decided to try Omnia first. It was about 1045 pm when I got there (...an hour past the time recommended to be there). Fortunately, there was a special event still in progress. "Desdeo" wasn't opening to guests until 1100.

Literally within 5 minutes of my arrival, a tonne of people arrived behind me. Luck was on my side! I only waited 15 min to get in (with 4 guestlisters in front of me). The whole entry procedure was smooth. I was pleasantly surprised. Overall, I had a wonderful time at Omnia.

Thanks very much for helping me explore Vegas nightlife easily (with zero drama at the door!). It's very much appreciated, from a 'first time in Vegas' Canadian travellor 🙂
Date published: 04/08/2019
Vanessa R.,
I love this! Didn’t know this existed and I’m going to use it every time I come to Vegas. It was amazing. I was running late one night and we still went to the front of the line no cover only for my bf and it was appropriate amount. This is great! We didn’t have to wait in any line and it was fun. Good job. Love it. Will use again and recommend it to friends.
Date published: 04/02/2019
Daniela C.,
I give it 5 stars. . Easy access. Easy process. No waits. I got an update about a private event so I could plan my night. Free drinks delish.
Date published: 04/01/2019
5 / 5 stars
Lisa S.,
My birthday was so lit last weekend got to see Rick Ross and go to a pool party free because of no cover charge
Date published: 03/31/2019
Jessica M.,
I had an amazing time at Marquee Day Club. 5/5 service I got into the club fast and I was recommending you guys to people I met at the club! Appreciate it!
Date published: 03/25/2019
5 / 5 stars
Scott S.,
No cover nightclubs is def the way to go. Especially for us locals. Check in at club was smooth. Thank you!
Date published: 03/25/2019
Freddy R.,
My expectations hit right on target due to the details provided. Thank you.
Date published: 03/25/2019
5 / 5 stars
Andre M.,
I highly recommended No Cover Nightclubs to everyone. It was very easy to sign up for guest list and there was no problem getting in. I went to Tao at Venetian and they offered open bar for ladies for one hour. I had a lot of fun there. Thank you!!
Date published: 03/22/2019
Sabrina H.,

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