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For years I've used No Cover Nightclubs to get onto the Guest List. I always get in with no issues and even sometimes with free drink tickets with my girls!

But I truly felt like I was very much taken care of when I booked 3 beach couches this past 4th of July weekend at Encore Beach Club at Night with No Cover Nightclubs. Reserving online with a deposit was fast and easy, my contact reached out to me with no delay, and checking in at Encore Beach Club later that night was seamless!

I will continue to use them every time I'm in town!

EBC at Night Review No Cover

Date published: 07/08/2020
5 / 5 stars
Alexandra M.,
Using no cover nightclubs was such a positive experience! I would 100% recommend it to anyone going to Vegas. It was a great, no hassle way to get into clubs.
Date published: 03/11/2020
Gayatri K.,
Perfect night! Thank you for the selection of times and variety of entertainment available.
Date published: 03/09/2020
Richard P.,
I used your service last time i was in Vegas and I will be using your service again this when I go back as well! thank you all~
Date published: 03/07/2020
Jennifer L.,
We had an awesome time at Omni
Celebrating my friends Birthday day!
Thank you so much putting us
On the guest list. It was definitely a night to remember!!
Date published: 03/02/2020
Kimberly B.,
This was awesome, I didnt wait in line at all.
Date published: 03/02/2020
Lynnaia A.,
I give you guys and your service the A1+ service. It was nice to be taken care of and getting exactly what we were looking for in attending the club
Date published: 03/02/2020
Ron C.,


We have a great time. No cover nightclub guestlist at Drai's was awesome! My group had little to no waiting in line. Thanks No Cover!
Date published: 02/21/2020
5 / 5 stars
Justin C.,
Your site was a big help while we were planning our 4 nights of club visits this past weekend. We had no issues using the nocovernightclubs guest list either.

Thanks for all your do and I hope I get to use you again in the near future.

Date published: 02/18/2020
Paul C.,
Everything was great and the party was fantastic. Oliver Heldens was phenomenal!
Date published: 02/17/2020
Jen B.,


5 stars you guys came in clutch for our Valentine’s Day weekend in Vegas thanks for getting us into Drai’s two nights in a row it was so much fun!
Date published: 02/17/2020
5 / 5 stars
Genaro V.,


5 stars…arrived early…. We were at the front of the line…. Got in for free…. Was great…. Had a great time…. Will definitely use again
Date published: 02/12/2020
5 / 5 stars
Steven C.,


I booked a table and bottle service at Chateau in Paris through NO Cover VIP and almost immediately received a text confirmation. I thought it was automated because in this day and age, nothing is handled with a personal touch. I responded with a question and was pleasantly surprised to find an actual person conversing with me. Not only was Mike helpful, he even followed up after our amazing weekend and wanted to ensure my satisfaction.

No Cover VIP made it super simple, skipped the line and all aspects of the table was spectacularly handled with a focus on customer service. No doubt I will use them again.

Thanks Mike, for helping me book an awesome night!

Date published: 02/11/2020
5 / 5 stars
Proud A., Oakley, CA
The price was exactly what was stated on the site. The service was good regardless of how much we spent.
Date published: 01/28/2020
Onie R.,
It was awesome. Never been to a nightclub in Vegas and best of all, we got in easy and free. Thank you all!
Date published: 01/27/2020
Jonathan C.,

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