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So you're doing a little research before you make your way to Las Vegas. Smart move. We've prepared a set of Las Vegas guides and tips for those ready to take over the strip. After living, partying, and doing business in Vegas for the last 10 years we are happy to give you as much information as we can to make your Las Vegas experience as fun as possible. We know that vacations, and Vegas in general, can be stressful. Check out our top guides and learn from the Vegas insiders. Our nightclub guides include knowing the dress code, the best clubs during the week, how the guest list works, how to get into nightclubs for free, which clubs play hip hop music, and the best dance clubs. Use our Las Vegas tips for nightclubs and strip clubs, as well as a dayclubs.

One important item to note is that the top clubs are not only open on the weekend. You can check our guides to see which clubs are open on each and every day of the week, and trust us they feel just like the weekend. Las Vegas calls them industry nights and you'll get a mix of both tourists and Las Vegas locals. While the clubs are not quite as packed as the weekend you will more than likely have a better quality, and more experienced crowd.

We've found that guests use our site to find information on the nightclubs and their events for the night of, and for future planning. Don't be afraid to sign up for a guest list in the future. We will make sure the nightclub doormen have your information, and we will send you a text message on the date you sign up as a friendly reminder. Always check back closer to your actual trip to see the upcoming events.

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