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We used no cover for the pool party at Drais. We got there at the time we were told and got in with no problems no charge. We had a good time and will use your service again and will recommend your site to others.
Date published: 03/20/2019
Silvia R.,
I really enjoyed night club ( hakkasan night club).
Thank you for your guest list. I didn’t need to wait long lines,! I got to enter so smoothly and quickly.
Your service rate is five star
Please keep your good work !!
Date published: 03/18/2019
5 / 5 stars
Manami T.,
Absolutely loved it! Got the scoop about No Cover Nightclubs from a stranger on the Strip and got on the guest list to Snoop Dogg right away!! One of the best experiences I’ve ever had in Vegas!!
Date published: 03/18/2019
Ashley L.,
I had the best experience ever with No Cover Nightclubs and it was super convenient!! I was able to go out with my boyfriend all 3 nights I was in Vegas with no charge. I will definitely be using this website again! Thank you so much!
Date published: 03/13/2019
Paris G.,
Thank you

It was real nice...wait in line was minimal...everyone was courteous...the drinks were expensive but well made...overall great atmosphere.

4.5 out of 5


Date published: 03/11/2019
4.5 / 5 stars
Milton C.,
We had a great time at Jewel and your app was awesome. I'm so glad I used it to get on the guest list as it worked out great for me and my guests. Thank you!!
Date published: 03/06/2019
Ann S.,
Amazing! We danced at the Chateaux at the Paris and also at the Jewel at the Aria. Loved the view overlooking the Bellagio from the Chateaux. Thank you No Cover Nightclubs!
Date published: 03/04/2019
Linda H.,
1 Oaks is everything I expected wanted and needed.
My birthday party was amazing the vibe the music the atmosphere and great bottle service
Thank you for allowing me to use your service
I'll be back.
Date published: 03/04/2019
Bernadette R.,
We got in free with your service. Thanks so much!
Date published: 03/04/2019
Catherine K.,
We had a great time!! We actually passed the guest list line up and went straight in 😎😎. Thanks again.
Date published: 02/25/2019
Carly P.,
It was awesome! Thank you so much! I got to see the Backstreet Boys right after the concert! You guys rock ☺️☺️
Date published: 02/25/2019
Andrea R.,
I absolutely loved it. No charge, no long wait, organized, informative and professional. I definitely would be using them again when I return. Such an amazing time at the club.
Date published: 02/19/2019
Avontae B.,
This place has given me months of free clubbing and show opportunities. plus it's the only place I've ever seen that actually has a schedule of whose playing that weekend for the whole strip.
Date published: 02/17/2019
5 / 5 stars
Justin H.,
The experience is fantastic we enjoyed every moment the service is very good everything is perfect thanks for let us using guest list I love it thank you so much.
Date published: 02/13/2019
Imelda A.,
Totally legit, I actually couldn't believe it! I figured, what do I have to lose? The worst that could happen was that I would need to pay.
I signed up via their website for 2 free passes to Marquee inside the Cosmopolitan. We waited on line with everyone else. When Security came up to us, we told them we were on the guest list via No Cover Nightclubs, and they found us on that list. We showed them our ID's, and got right in. No cover, no fuss, no muss. It was amazing! I recommend them for anyone going to Las Vegas!
Date published: 02/12/2019
5 / 5 stars
Bill D., Essex County, NJ

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