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It was awesome! I am not going to lie. I was skeptical about it going into things, but we were on the list, got right in, and had some drink tickets included (an expected surprise!). I will definitely be checking into things the next time we visit. The Foundation Room and No Cover Nightclubs was fantastic to work with!
Date published: 08/13/2023
Matthew W.,
My guest & I had a great experience. I simply Googled clubs in Las Vegas and your site came up. Very easy to use and we didn't have any issues at the door. I would definitely use again my next time in Las Vegas. Thank you!
Date published: 08/07/2023
Chavon L.,
It was awesome. So much fun and free drinks. Loved it.
Date published: 07/25/2023
Mayra P. ,
I had a great time !!! Definitely coming back to Vegas And be part of no cover nightclubs guest lists. I recommended to few of my friends too.

Have a great day! 5 ⭐️

Date published: 07/24/2023
5 / 5 stars
Vjori T.,
We had an Amazing time! Thank you for making a 18 hour round trip worth it! We will definitely be in Veags again & using No Cover Nightclubs List! We were so close to Kehlani!!! 🙏🤗🫶😂😜 Will definitely tag you when I post again!

-Happy Chanel

Chanel H No Cover Nightclubs Testimonial

Date published: 07/17/2023
Chanel H.,
I got in and everything went smoothly.

I will use you guys again next time.


Date published: 07/11/2023
Tito A.,


I really appreciate No Cover Nightclubs! Five star service every time I use it.
Date published: 07/10/2023
5 / 5 stars
Raeshawn T.,


I have had 5-star experiences using the No Cover NightClubs Guest Lists. I appreciate you all so much because I know there’s a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into providing quality experiences, but I’ve had a wonderful time each time. My friends and I are all servicemembers and fairly new to the area, and you have made this place really enjoyable. I am very grateful to you for that. Thank you for all that you do.
Date published: 07/08/2023
5 / 5 stars
Ferrari L.,


Very easy to get into beach clubs and night clubs with no problems they send text message emails reminders I will be using no cover charge nightclubs in the future thanks again awesome service
Date published: 07/06/2023
5 / 5 stars
Melanie H.,
Great 👍 wish I have better photos to sent you, but they’re too dark
Date published: 07/03/2023
Lorna C.,
Great, excellent time my associates and I had at Stadium Swim-Circa Hotel and Casino. Thank you oh so very much for adding all of us to this VIP no cover guest :ost. We all truly appreciate it and absolutely sincerely thank you all once again. We all are amazingly looking forward to our next great near future time at Stadium Swim-Circa Hotel and Casino in many more months to come this year 2023. Most definitely 5*****Star Ratimg
Date published: 07/03/2023
Rachel M.,
Had a blast Ty soo much for the invite in great part of my trip
Date published: 07/03/2023
Theresa Z.,
It was amazing. My friends and I had a great time. It was my first time at a nightclub in Las Vegas. Thank you. I will come again soon.
Date published: 07/03/2023
Michelle A.,
I had a great time the whole weekend! It was my sisters birthday weekend and we had a, time, here in Vegas!! I look forward to every list, every day and it really makes a parent of four, feel like I can enjoy my life a little more! Thanks again for the opportunity to experience Vegas daytime events and nightlife!
Date published: 06/26/2023
Courtney H.,
It was wonderful! Great experience.
Date published: 06/26/2023
Jay S.,

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