Daylight Beach Reservations

Daylight Beach 2020

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

LOCATION: Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino

How Much Are Reservations At Daylight?

You are one step away from having the ultimate experience at Daylight Beach. Guarantee your reservation today and enjoy an assigned Daylight VIP host.

Location Price
Up To 4 Guests
Pool Side Couch
Up To 6 Guests
Up To 6 Guests
Grand Cabana
Up To 6 Guests
Up To 6 Guests

Enjoy your summer at DAYLIGHT BEACH in your very own Cabana or Daybed reserved just for you. Soak up the sun with a cocktail in hand in our temperature controlled 4,400-square-foot main pool. And, when you’re ready, grab a bite to eat from our diverse food menu. Don’t miss the opportunity to sit back and unwind in one of our luxurious VIP locations. Reservations are required.

Daylight Beach Daybed
Daylight Beach Poolside Couch
Daylight Beach Cabana 6
Daylight Beach Grand Cabana 6

Daylight Beach Bungalow 6

The typical bottles of alcohol have costs between $425 and $825. See Daylight Beach menu below. The amount of spend is typically connected with the size of your group, and for every 5 people you will need to purchase a bottle. As an example, if you have 10 people you can expect to purchase at least two bottles. The price for the tables and the bottles are the same thing. Also know that your spend can be used to purchase food.

There are a number of options that are available from daybeds, to cabanas, to bungalows. Entry level pricing is between $250 - $1,000 and is for daybeds. Daybeds are typically spaced in the public areas and do have umbrellas. They are usually not in roped off areas. Cabanas give your group a more private area to party with more furniture and space to spread out. These locations come with prices ranging from $250 - $2,000. Cabanas are located around the edges of the venue and are elevated to give a perfect view of the performance and all the action. Plus they have their own separate pools as well. There are two VIP bungalows located directly on the sides of the main stage. These party pits have the most real estate of the party and come priced from $3,000. There are also a few tables located directly on the stage that gets you right up next to the live performance. You can expect prices similar to cabanas for these as well. The 8% tax and 20% gratuity are not included in these prices.

Daylight Beach Menu 1Daylight Beach Menu 2Daylight Beach Food Menu

How Does Daylight Bottle Service Work?

When you use our site for bottle service and table reservations you are making a reservation directly for Daylight Beach Club. After confirming a reservation you simply arrive at the pool and check in with the hosts at the table reservation entrance. Your table location is dependent upon a few factors that include your arrival time at the venue and your planned spend for the night. Be aware that your reservation comes with your own table and area to sit as well as your own waitress, busser, and security staff. You'll be granted your own spot to drink and enjoy the day.

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Have Questions About Table Service?

If you have any questions before making your reservation about the dayclubs, the service, how it works, or anything else, feel free to reach out to us and we will get right back to you through our Contact Us Page.

Reserve Your Bottle Service At Daylight Beach Club

Ready for bottle service? Reserve your table and as your personal host we will send you confirmations and keep you in the loop each step of the way. Select your package:

Daylight Beach Club Cabanas

Bottle service and cabana reservations at Daylight Beach Club ensure you get the best locations at the pool events. Daylight is constructed with a massive main stage that is inspired by Ibiza. Here the world's best DJs and live musical performances take center stage. Those with bottle service have access to their own VIP areas that not only provide the best service, but also the best views of the party. Covered cabanas give guests private areas to relax and lounge, or go absolutely wild. The choice is yours. You will have plenty of room to dance and enjoy your favorite bottles of alcohol. Bottle service prices, menus, and availability are be provided to you by directly connecting with a Daylight VIP hosting options using our packages above.

At Daylight the best cabanas and tables are located on stage or on the sides of the venue. Feel free to enjoy your own private pools, daybeds, and shade. Ultra exclusive bungalows are located on both sides of the stage and both include their own balconies to oversee all the action.

Connect directly with the Daylight VIP hosts and get quote on bottle service and cabana reservations. Feel free to ask about Daylight's bottle prices, menu, and availability.

Daylight Beach Club guest list is available for free here.

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