Liquid Pool Lounge Bottle Service & Table Reservations

Liquid Pool Table Service L

Location: Aria Hotel
Days: Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
Music: Top 40 & Open Format
Bottles Included: Yes
Starting At: $500

Liquid Pool Las Vegas Table Prices

Location Price
Up To 6 Guests
Poolside Daybed
Up To 6 Guests
Poolside Deck Table    
Up To 12 Guests
Up To 15 Guests

How Much Is Liquid Pool Lounge Bottle Service?

Common bottles of alcohol at Liquid are priced between $600 and $800. You'll receive the pricing for all items on the Liquid Pool menu upon arrival at your table. When you make a reservation, you are booking a table that includes a minimum spend, or an amount that is included that all goes toward your choice of alcohol. The prices do not include 8% tax, 15% gratuity and 8% venue fee.

Pricing can vary quite a bit depending on the date, the performer, how many people are in your group, or how many particular tables are left. Check out upcoming Liquid events. Bottle service more than you have budgeted for? Check out the Liquid guest list instead.

What Is Included With Liquid Pool Bottle Service

With Liquid Pool VIP options each group receives the following benefits:

  • Cover charges included
  • Hosted entry
  • Bottles, alcohol & food included
  • Table for the entire day
  • VIP waitress
  • Top tier customer service

What Is The Best Table At Liquid?

The best tables locations are the cabanas. They are large in size, can accommodate bigger groups, and have direct views of the performers and visuals. Plus they have their own private pools. It is not uncommon to find these table options priced at $3,000+.

What Is The Cheapest Liquid Table?

The least expensive tables at Liquid Pool Lounge are the daybeds located on the pool deck. Even though they are the least expensive they are fantastic placement make for a great party. Groups will feel right at home.

How Does Liquid Bottle Service Work?

Reserving a table for Liquid has been greatly simplified. All pricing is outlined up front including taxes and tips so there are no surprises. Once the booking is complete your reservation is confirmed. You will easily check in at the table service area located on the left side of the club. This area is for bottle service groups only.

Be aware that your reservation comes with the table for the entire day as well as your own waitress, busser, and security staff. You'll be granted your own spot that is separate from the general public to dance, drink, sit, and enjoy the event. Also, bottles are included. If you have more questions about bottle service in Las Vegas feel free to Contact Us.

How Do I Book Bottle Service At Liquid Pool?

Booking table service for Liquid Pool is a snap. We outline the total price with taxes, tips, and fees included so there are no surprises when you arrive at the club. Booking is easily done online using our Liquid booking page.

Do We Need To Book In Advance?

We highly recommend reserving all tables for Liquid in advance, because they often increase in the price or sell out completely. The last thing you want is to try and secure one last minute and find out that none are left.

Liquid Pool Table Maps

Liquid Pool Table Maps

Liquid Table Locations

Ready for bottle service? Reserve your table and as your personal host we will send you confirmations and keep you in the loop each step of the way. Select your table:

Liquid Pool Table Service

Table Service Reservation Dates

23mar11:00 amDJ KarmaLiquid Pool

24mar11:00 amKid ConradLiquid Pool

25mar11:00 amDJ ShiftLiquid Pool

26mar11:00 amDJ NovaLiquid Pool

01apr11:00 amDJ BuzaLiquid Pool

02apr11:00 amD-MilesLiquid Pool

05apr11:00 amDJ Lucky LouLiquid Pool

06apr11:00 amDJ QueLiquid Pool

07apr11:00 amKid ConradLiquid Pool

08apr11:00 amPhoreyzLiquid Pool

09apr11:00 amDJ NovaLiquid Pool

12apr11:00 amDJ CLALiquid Pool

13apr11:00 amCC EliseLiquid Pool

14apr11:00 amPhoreyzLiquid Pool

16apr11:00 amDJ KittieLiquid Pool

19apr11:00 amDJ BuzaLiquid Pool

20apr11:00 amYo Quiero SillaLiquid Pool

21apr11:00 amDJ Lucky LouLiquid Pool

22apr11:00 amKid ConradLiquid Pool

23apr11:00 amDJ NovaLiquid Pool

26apr11:00 amJ-NiceLiquid Pool

27apr11:00 amDJ RomeoLiquid Pool

28apr11:00 amDJ QueLiquid Pool

29apr11:00 amDJ BuzaLiquid Pool

30apr11:00 amD-MilesLiquid Pool

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