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DAYS OPEN: Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
LOCATION: Mirage Hotel & Casino

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How Much Is Bottle Service At Bare Pool?

You are one step away from having the ultimate experience at Bare Pool. Guarantee your bottle service today and enjoy an assigned Bare VIP host and bypass all general admission lines.

Location Price
Up To 6 Guests
Stage Daybed    
Up To 8 Guests
Up To 10 Guests

Bare Pool Daybed Table
Bare Pool Stage Daybed Table
Bare Pool Cabana Table

Bottle service more than you have budgeted for? Check out the Bare guest list instead.

Common bottles of alcohol at Bare are priced between $500 and $595. These prices do not include 8% tax and 20% gratuity. As a minimum in Vegas it is common that you will need to purchase at least 1 bottle for every 5 people in the group. The price for the tables and the bottles are the same thing. Your spend for the table goes toward your bottles, drinks, shot, or food.

Tables at Bare Pool start as daybeds around the pool. From there the next tier up would be daybeds on the second level with it's own private pool. The best option at Bare is cabanas located next to the pool deck. With bottle service you will have your own are for the entire day as well as waitress and staff. Your area is also not open to the general public for use, just for you and your friends.

Bare Pool Layout Map

How Does Bare Bottle Service Work?

When you make a reservation for bottle service through our site you are making a reservation directly for Bare Dayclub. After confirming a reservation you simply arrive at the pool and check in with your host at the table reservation entrance. You'll be granted your own spot that is separate from the general public to dance, drink, and enjoy the event. If you have more questions about bottle service in Las Vegas check out How Las Vegas Bottle Service Works.

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Have Questions About Table Service?

If you have any questions before making your reservation about the nightclubs, the service, how it works, or anything else, feel free to reach out to us and we will get right back to you through our Contact Us Page.

Reserve Your Bottle Service At Bare Pool

Ready for bottle service? Reserve your table and as your personal host we will send you confirmations and keep you in the loop each step of the way. Select your package:

Bare Pool Guest List

Daybed and Cabana options are the ultimate VIP experience at Bare Pool. Enjoy the DJ, music, pool atmosphere, and party with your friends with your own area. Those with bottle service get their own areas not accessible by the general public. You will get in the fastest at the entrance and be pampered by your own waitress, bussers, ans security staff. Plus you'll have your own private pools to cool off in while you drink your favorite beverages. Bottle service prices, menus, and availability are be provided to you by directly connecting with a Bare VIP hosting options using our packages above. The price for the tables and the bottles are the same thing. All of your spend for the table goes toward your bottles.

Connect directly with dayclub hosts and get quote on bottle service and cabana reservations. Feel free to ask about Bare's bottle prices, menu, and availability.

Bare Pool guest list is available for free here.

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