Tips For Las Vegas Dayclubs

Some of the biggest parties of the year happen at Las Vegas Dayclubs, or some still call them pool parties. The pool scene brings the biggest names in EDM music, celebrity appearances, and live performances at incredible venues under the sun. It's going to be fun and it's going to be hot. It is a...
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Best Hip Hop Clubs In Las Vegas

While it seems that EDM has taken over the nightclub scene in Las Vegas, many are asking what clubs play hip hop music. You will be happy to know that there are some top notch locations that focus on playing your favorite hip hop and R&B tracks with stellar live performances from the most popular...
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Poll: Which Las Vegas Bathroom Is The Best For Taking Selfies?

Nightclub Bathroom Selfie Poll
Las Vegas nightclub bathrooms tend to be a popular spot for selfies. We wanted to know which bathrooms are the best when it comes to getting this deed accomplished. We reached out to our social channels and asked nightclub aficionados to vote for their favorite photogenic bathroom in town taking into account factors such as style, lighting, and mirror reflectometry. After compiling the votes XS Nightclub ran away with the competition.
Las Vegas Bathroom Selfie Results

Marquee Dayclub Introduces Drone Delivery

The bar has once again been raised in Las Vegas, and Marquee Dayclub has taken the bottle service antics to the next level. They recently introduced bottle service with aerial delivery through the use of a drone. A pretty cool idea that also holds a bit of risk. What happens if some drunkard throws something and knocks this baby out of the sky? Those blades would make quite a mess if it crashed into the crowd.

Avicii’s $15-million Hollywood Hills Home Is Pretty Ridic

While you may be able to snatch up Deadmau5′s childhood home in Niagara Falls, Ontario, it’s a bit less likely that you can afford Avicii’s new Hollywood abode (not that it’s on the market, or anything). Currently making the rounds is a listing for Avicii’s 7000-square-foot home in real-estate publication The Pinnacle List. The $15 million house in the Bird Streets, just above the Sunset Strip, boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a ridiculous view of Los Angeles, and presumably plenty more (just from the pics, we’ve spotted a Chuck Close artwork and what looks like a Juliette Binoche triptych on the walls). Check out some pics of Avicii’s digs below.




How Will This Underwater Nightclub Actually Work?

TechnoMarine has envisioned a nightclub set below the surface of the water. The concept is definitely different, and would be pretty cool. For one you wouldn't have to leave the party to hit the bathroom for a pee break. You could just break the seal like you normally do while at the public pool. We think the dart gun is a little much, and what happens when drunk girl barfs into her helmet...yuck. If this ever comes to be, you know No Cover Nightclubs will have access to the guest lists.

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