Chris Brown’s Performance At Drai’s Nightclub

Chris Brown smashed it at Drai's Nightclub in Las Vegas with a special event performance. The club built a custom stage that felt like a full concert setup and it can only be described as epic.

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Best Dance Clubs In Las Vegas

Best Las Vegas Dance Club
When people are looking to party at the best dance clubs in Las Vegas they are looking for the ones that have the best dance floors. Nightlife along the Strip is known for showcasing the world’s top DJs and live concert performances, but not all clubs are created equal when it comes to dancing. Finding the best dance clubs takes into account music, dance floors, the crowd, and where we’ve seen the most dancing going on.

Zouk Nightclub

Zouk Nightclub Guest List

With tons of space, crazy lighting and production, and two dance floor areas, Zouk at Resorts World make dancing seamless and fun. Combine that with an assortment of DJs and live performances, and it will come as no surprise that it's time to let loose. Joining our Zouk guest list makes the access even easier.

Hakkasan Nightclub

Hakkasan Nightclub

If you are ready for a night out in Las Vegas and have your shoes ready for dancing, Hakkasan at MGM Grand is always a top pick. Easily join our Hakkasan guest list and once inside you'll discover multiple rooms with multiple sounds to pick from.

Embassy Nightclub

Embassy Nightclub Guest List

Both hip hop and Latin music lead the way at Embassy creating the perfect combination for a party. Each night there is a room for each type of music and on top of that ladies get free drinks when on our Embassy guest list.

Light Dance Club Las Vegas

Light takes the crown as the best Las Vegas dance club. Being located at the Mandalay Bay and being one of the larger clubs in town gives it a major advantage over the competition because it also has a dance floor with a lot of space that puts guests right up in front of the DJ or live performance. Light typically focuses on open format music so partiers get dance, hip hop, and top 40 music all night long. It’s also easy to get on and off of the dance floor because the venue is designed with three entrance and exit pathways that reduce the typical club bottlenecks. Other EDM nightclubs that pack their venue to the max often fill their dance floor with partiers that are more focused on the DJs and less on actual dancing. Because of the setup and music, Light just seems to have more people looking to dance the night away than every other club in town.

Tao Nightclub

Tao Dance Club Vegas

If you are ready to take over the dance floor in Vegas you will always find a popular nightlife spot at TAO. With open-format music, elite lighting and sound, and confetti drops that take things to the next level, this club at the Venetian will keep things going all night. This dance floor has multiple entrances and exits, room to let loose, and lets you get right up to the DJ booth.

Drai's Nightclub

Drais Dance Club Las Vegas

Dance floors, Vegas, and clubs come to life at Drai's where hip hop and great music meet live concerts. This entire club is built with the center being the dance floor, and also give you a fantastic balcony to escape and cool off when you need a small break from all your fancy foot moves. You can't go wrong with Drai's.

Omnia Dance Club Las Vegas

Omnia Nightclub is massive, but don’t let that scare you. Many people know Omnia for its extravagant main room and superstar DJs each and every night. What people may not know is that Omnia has options, and brings a little bit for everyone, and that includes those looking to dance. The venue is really broken down into three areas, and each has its own specific look, feel, and dance floor. The main room is where EDM lives, and while it is huge, the dance floor is always packed and not the best for dancing. But that is where the other two options come into play. The second room is called the Heart of Omnia and focuses more on open format music and hip hop. This room is where more of the dancing lives, and with top notch lighting and sound people definitely get down. As a bonus there is a third option known as the terrace which oversees the strip. This area again brings open format music with an unrestricted dance floor area that lets guests dance under the stars.

Zouk Nightclub Dress Code

Zouk Nightclub Tickets L
Zouk Nightclub does have a dress code that is enforced at the entrance. If you are wanting to attend it is highly suggest you review and adhere to the dress code rules so you don't get turned away from entering. The following clothing will not be accepted for men:

  • Hats
  • Attire That is Loose Fitting, Baggy, or Torn
  • Athletic Jerseys or Athletic Pants
  • Athletic Wear
  • Tank Tops or Cutoff Shirts
  • Gym or Workout Shoes
  • Shorts
  • Sandals
  • Work Boots

Our Las Vegas Services

Men will always be ok on the Zouk dress code when wearing nice jeans, a collared shirt/sport coat, and dress shoes. Dressing nice and looking your best always works in your favor while in Las Vegas. See our guides on Dress Code Clothing & Shoes Not Allowed for more information.

The women's dress code is much more lenient and girls can really wear whatever they want. Try selecting something that makes you look hot and fits your body type. Try to avoid wearing sandals.

As long as you follow the simple rules above you won't have any trouble meeting the Zouk dress code requirements and won't run into any dress code issues at the club entrance.

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Las Vegas Club Crawls

Nocturnal Tours Las Vegas S


Location: Las Vegas, NV
Days Open: Friday & Saturday
Music: Varies

Supreme Club Tours S


Location: Las Vegas, NV
Days Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Music: Varies

LA Epic S


Location: Las Vegas, NV
Days Open: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Music: Varies

If you are headed to Las Vegas, or maybe you are already here, you might have heard about Las Vegas Club Crawls. With these crawls you can hit up multiple club venues with hosted entry. Some even provide free drinks and transportation. We have created simple FAQs and how things works guides to answer common questions about the process, prices, the best club crawls, and the deals and discounts.

How Much Does The Club Crawl Cost?

The most common question is how much do the Las Vegas club crawls cost? Simply put there are tickets priced between $50 - $300, which is quite a range. The good news is we have promo codes for each one so you can apply automatic savings. See above.

What Clubs Do You Go To On The Crawl?

The clubs that you attend on the crawl can vary based on the day of the week, the events, and what is currently popular in town. You can see the club crawl schedules on each website with further information above.

How Do You Get From Club To Club On The Crawl?

Typically groups walk while between club venues located close to each other, and take party busses to those physically located further apart. The party bus is like an extra bonus which groups thoroughly enjoy.

What Is The Club Crawl Process?

The steps involved with the Vegas club crawls are pretty simple:

1. Purchase and reserve your tickets (we have promo codes)
2. Dress to meet the club dress codes
3. Meet at the starting location
4. Attend the scheduled venues
5. Party & have an absolute blast

You might also consider our free guest lists instead.

Are Club Crawl Tickets Refundable?

Tickets are not refundable.

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Drais Beachclub 2022 Interviews

Drais Beach Club 2022 Interviews

Drais Beachclub in Las Vegas is getting ready for the 2022 pool season and will be having their interviews for all positions. All applicants can apply at the Drais Recruitment Page for the following dayclub positions:

  • Cocktail Servers
  • Server Assistants
  • Bartenders
  • Bar Back
  • Cashiers
  • Porter-Pads
  • Security
  • Cooks

See complete list of Vegas Pool Party Job Auditions with dates and locations.

Elia Beach Club Auditions

Elia Beach Club Auditions

Join the House of the Sun at Elia Beach Club. The team will be hosting interviews on January 11-13 from 11am to 4pm PST inside the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas.

Hiring for the following positions:

  • Model Servers
  • Lead Bartenders
  • Model Bartenders
  • Model Barbacks
  • General Managers
  • Deck Attendants
  • Bussers
  • Cashiers
  • Lifeguards
  • Lead Lifeguards
  • Food Runners
  • AV technicians
  • VIP Services Hosts
  • Promoters
  • Security Officers

Please come dressed in swim attire or be prepared to quickly change in our dressing rooms before your interview. Flat footwear or wedges only - no heels. RSVP’s are not necessary, and walk-ins are welcome. However, all applicants must apply online at before attending this event. Resumes and headshots are requested, but not required.

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas is an equal opportunity employer. Employment offers are contingent upon successfully passing our background and drug screening. All applicants must be at least 21 years young, except for Resort Pool Lifeguards who must be at least 16.

You can easily find all Vegas Pool Party Job Auditions with dates and locations.

AYU Dayclub Auditions

AYU Dayclub 2022 Auditions

You've heard it first. All information about upcoming AYU Dayclub jobs in Las Vegas for 2022. This casting call will be for all positions including waitresses, bartenders, bussers, security, and more. Interviews will be happening On January 3 & 4.

You can easily find all Vegas Pool Party Job Auditions with dates and locations.

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