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LOCATION: Venetian Hotel

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Does TAO Beach Dayclub Have A Guest List?

Yes! No Cover Nightclubs does have a guest list for TAO Beach in Las Vegas. Joining our guest list is simple and free. Easily sign up using our website. You will be provided with all information and instructions.

How Much Is The TAO Beach Dayclub Cover Charge?

Cover Charge Price
Females $20 - $50
Males $30 - $75
Females Guest List Free
Males Guest List Free or Reduced

Cover charge is common at TAO Pool at the entrance. Men typically pay between $30 and $75 dollars and women between $20 and $50. For holiday events and special performances the cost for cover charge may increase. Groups obtain the following using our TAO Beach guest list:

  • Women are free
  • Men are free or reduced cover in groups with an even ratio of women, groups with more women than men, or groups that have a max of 4 men
  • Please see the upcoming TAO Beach guest list rules

Where Is The Guest List Entrance?

The guest list check in for TAO Beach is located at the pool entrance. Easily look for signs with directions.

Is The TAO Beach Guest List Free?

Yes! We never charge money to join and use our TAO Beach Dayclub guest list. That is the way it has always been, and the way it will always be.

General information about the club venue can be found on the TAO Beach Page.

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02mar11:00 amLemaTAO Beach Dayclub

03mar11:00 amEscobarTAO Beach Dayclub

08mar11:00 amAmiri PaulTAO Beach Dayclub

09mar11:00 amLemaTAO Beach Dayclub

10mar11:00 amPhoreyzTAO Beach Dayclub

14mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

15mar11:00 amEscobarTAO Beach Dayclub

16mar11:00 amLemaTAO Beach Dayclub

17mar11:00 amMike AttackTAO Beach Dayclub

21mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

22mar11:00 amEscobarTAO Beach Dayclub

23mar11:00 amChris LakeTAO Beach Dayclub

24mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

28mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

29mar11:00 amMike AttackTAO Beach Dayclub

30mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

30mar11:00 amFisherTAO Beach Dayclub

31mar11:00 amJustin CredibleTAO Beach Dayclub

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