How Much Are Drinks At Las Vegas Clubs?

What Are The Club Drink Prices In Las Vegas?

Knowing how much drinks cost inside Las Vegas clubs is pretty useful before you head out. Typically drinks at nightclubs and dayclubs are a bit higher than what most people are used to, especially when compared to one's hometown. It is simply best to be prepared so you don't end up with any surprises if you order a huge round of shots. Depending on what you order drinks can range from $7 - $30.

How Much Is Beer?

Beer will be the lowest priced items to order inside the club. Domestic starts between $7-$8 and imported is typically a little bit more around $9-$10.

The Cost Of Mixed Drinks

You will find a wider range of prices for mixed drinks depending on what type of alcohol you choose. Well drinks will be priced lower than top shelf items. You can expect mixed drinks to cost between $12 -$15. More potent drinks like Long Island iced teas will have a higher price point between $20-$30.

How Much Are Shots In The Club?

Ordering shots inside the club will have price points similar to mixed drinks. They depend on which alcohol you select. $15 per shot is a good estimate.

What Is The Price Of Water?

In Las Vegas walking up to the bar and asking for a water won't get you a free cup of tap water. Instead the clubs only offer elite brands of bottled water. You can expect waters to cost $6-$9, and energy drinks like Red Bulls will be $12.

How To Save Money On Drinks

One easy solution for saving money on Las Vegas club drinks is to make sure and have a solid pregame. Have a few drinks before heading out, and/or bring on drink for the road. It is legal to walk around the casinos and The Strip with alcohol so make sure to take advantage of that. We also suggest using our free guest lists to save money on the club entrance or entry tickets. It won't cost you a thing.

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