XS Nightclub VIP Hosts

If you are interested in bottle service at XS Nightclub at the Encore in Las Vegas you might be looking for an XS VIP host. We have put together a quick guide to provide you with all you need to know about club hosts for booking tables at XS.

What Does An XS VIP Host Do?

The job of a VIP host at XS Nightclub is to help provide information about reserving and booking tables for bottle service. They assist the customer with pricing, how the process works, and booking the table. No Cover Nightclubs has a contract directly with XS and you can easily request a quote.

Do I Need An XS Host?

Having a host for XS or using the services of No Cover Nightclubs can be very helpful. It is not required, but getting a feel for pricing, what is included, and how to arrive definitely helps.

How Do I Contact An XS VIP Host?

We have made it super simple to connect with a VIP host to book bottle service at XS in Las Vegas. Easily head to our XS Table Service Page for all options and RSVPs.

Do I Need An XS Host For The Guest List?

Nope. With No Cover Nightclubs you can skip the XS hosts and promoters and join our guest list for free. Head to our XS Guest List page to join.

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