What Does The Guest List Mean In Las Vegas

What Does The Guest List Mean In Las Vegas

What Is A Guest List In Las Vegas?

When you hear chatter or read about a guest list in Las Vegas it is referring to both nightclubs and dayclubs. Guest lists allows for free entry or reduced entry into the club. This would mean you would not need to purchase an entrance ticket. Being on the guest list can also offer a quicker entrance to the inside. At each club entrance there will be areas to check in for guest list, general admission, and VIP table service.

Which Las Vegas Clubs Offer A Guest List?

With No Cover Nightclubs we are excited to offer guest lists for every single nightclub and dayclub in Vegas. You can easily see each club and quickly join our lists here:

Our lists are always free to join and we never charge any money to use our guest lists.

Why Clubs Offer A Guest List?

Clubs offer a guest lists to help drive groups to their venues and events. While it may seem to good to be true, we have been promoting in Las Vegas since 2014, and have earned a track record with each venue. They offer their guest lists to us knowing that we help bring customers through their doors.

When Are The Guest Lists Available?

Guest lists are available almost every single day and night in Las Vegas. You can easily see the available dates for each club using the calendar on the guest list sign up pages. The guest lists do close a certain times during the night, so we make sure to provide all information for each venue so you know the entire process, where to check in, and when to arrive. Some common dates where there is not a guest list include New Year's Eve, Memorial Day Weekend, Cinco de Mayo, and for fight events.

Who Can Join The Guest List?

We have made it so anyone can join our guest lists. Some clubs have different rules than others on how their guest lists work. Some require at least an even ratio of women in the group, but not all. Easily see how each list works using the pages on our website.

How To Get On A Guest List?

Getting on the guest list is simple with No Cover Nightclubs. Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Use our website to select the club you are interested in.
  • Sign up using our web form and include your name, contact info, date, and group size.
  • Receive confirmations abut joining the lists, how they work, and instructions about arrival.
  • Arrive at the venue and check in at the guest list area.
  • Enjoy a fantastic time in Las Vegas.
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