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Vegas Guy VIP

When it comes to Vegas guides and VIP experiences it helps to have an insider with the correct information and guidance. In planning the trip groups want ease of booking an a trusted resource. From club guest lists to bottle service reservations, the Vegas Guy VIP has it all. Enjoy a concierge service that includes...
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How Hakkasan Nightclub Bottle Service Works

Hakkasan Nightclub is the perfect fit at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. It is a giant club with multiple rooms, floors, and areas to explore. You'll find top tier DJ talent and main room lighting that comes to life. VIP table reservations give you the options for the best seats in the house....
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How Marquee Nightclub Bottle Service Works

Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas is the pinnacle of partying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It has one of the best main rooms with fantastic production, dancers, DJs, and live performances. Attending events with bottle service is the top VIP option and reservations are quick and easy. We've outlined out some of the FAQs when it...
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How Kaos Nightclub Bottle Service Works

Kaos Nightclub is the newest nightlife venue at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. It is massive and is the home to state of the art technology, video mapping, sound, and performers. Experiencing the entire club is often best done with elite bottle service and VIP table reservations. We've mapped out some of the FAQs...
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Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages

Planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas can have a lot of moving parts. From flights, hotels, transportation, nightclubs, pool parties, and gentlemen's clubs, it is no simple task. You have a whole group of guys ready for a fantastic trip to Vegas for the weekend. Pack your bags and get ready for the best...
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The Best Strip Clubs in Las Vegas For 2019

Top Las Vegas Strip Clubs

While Las Vegas is known for it's nightclubs, it should come as no surprise the that Strip Clubs and Gentlemen's Clubs are just as popular. Trust us, there are herds of beautiful performers and more than enough top notch venues to experience lap dances.

Sapphire Las Vegas

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The Biggest Clubs In Las Vegas

Biggest Club In Las Vegas

If you are looking for the biggest clubs in Las Vegas you are in luck because you have a bunch of top nightlife and dayclub venues to choose from. With massive main rooms, huge pool parties, and giant areas to explore and see the top performers, you can't go wrong with these incredible spots using our guest lists and bottle service packages.

Kaos Nightclub

Kaos Las Vegas

The newest big boy on our list calls the Palms Hotel home. Kaos Nightclub is a gigantic club venue that prefers to be compared to festivals. It has connected indoor and outdoor areas to explore, party, and dance. Here you will find ridiculous lighting, sound, and LED screens that come to life to enhance each performance. All areas have large square footage and multiple levels.

Omnia Nightclub

Omnia Nightclub Guest List

There is no doubt about it. Omnia Nightclub at the Caesars Palace Hotel is massive. We don't just mean main room massive (it does have an incredible main room), we mean multiple rooms massive. There are actually 3 separate areas to explore inside this club. They include the main room which is home to the headliner, the Heart of Omnia room, and the terrace. The terrace is a rooftop patio option which has views overlooking The Strip. The Heart of Omnia room has it's own DJ booth, multiple table options and dance floor. Omnia is most popular for it's main room experience which houses multiple levels, 2 bars, dance floor, and the famous moving chandelier.

XS Nightclub

XS Nightclub Guest List

XS Nightclub invented the integrated indoor/outdoor club experiences. Guests are treated to luxurious design and decor from the moment they enter the front doors. Gold is everywhere, and that's a good thing. The DJs and live performances are the focal point, and rightfully so. XS has built a huge stage and performance deck for each night.

Wet Republic

Wet Republic Las Vegas Pool

Wet Republic reigns supreme when it comes to the largest dayclubs in Vegas. Guests are treated to multiple pools, elevated cabanas and bungalows, as well as a covered patio and bar, as well as a massive dance floor deck to get up close and personal to the DJs. MGM has something special with Wet.

How To Book Bottle Service In Vegas

The process of booking bottle service and table service in Las Vegas used to be complicated with a lot of unknowns. There was confusion with a variety of factors including the venue, the date, the table location, group size, and the pricing. There were opportunities to simplify the method of booking tables for both nightclubs...
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What Does The Guest List Mean In Las Vegas

What Does The Guest List Mean In Las Vegas

What Is A Guest List In Las Vegas?

When you hear chatter or read about a guest list in Las Vegas it is referring to both nightclubs and dayclubs. Guest lists allows for free entry or reduced entry into the club. This would mean you would not need to purchase an entrance ticket. Being on the guest list can also offer a quicker entrance to the inside. At each club entrance there will be areas to check in for guest list, general admission, and VIP table service.

Which Las Vegas Clubs Offer A Guest List?

With No Cover Nightclubs we are excited to offer guest lists for every single nightclub and dayclub in Vegas. You can easily see each club and quickly join our lists here:

Our lists are always free to join and we never charge any money to use our guest lists.

Why Clubs Offer A Guest List?

Clubs offer a guest lists to help drive groups to their venues and events. While it may seem to good to be true, we have been promoting in Las Vegas since 2014, and have earned a track record with each venue. They offer their guest lists to us knowing that we help bring customers through their doors.

When Are The Guest Lists Available?

Guest lists are available almost every single day and night in Las Vegas. You can easily see the available dates for each club using the calendar on the guest list sign up pages. The guest lists do close a certain times during the night, so we make sure to provide all information for each venue so you know the entire process, where to check in, and when to arrive. Some common dates where there is not a guest list include New Year's Eve, Memorial Day Weekend, Cinco de Mayo, and for fight events.

Who Can Join The Guest List?

We have made it so anyone can join our guest lists. Some clubs have different rules than others on how their guest lists work. Some require at least an even ratio of women in the group, but not all. Easily see how each list works using the pages on our website.

How To Get On A Guest List?

Getting on the guest list is simple with No Cover Nightclubs. Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Use our website to select the club you are interested in.
  • Sign up using our web form and include your name, contact info, date, and group size.
  • Receive confirmations abut joining the lists, how they work, and instructions about arrival.
  • Arrive at the venue and check in at the guest list area.
  • Enjoy a fantastic time in Las Vegas.

Kaos Nightclub Dress Code

Kaos Nightclub Guest List

Calling home the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Kaos Nightclub has taken the city by storm. If you are attending using our guest list or table packages, or just using tickets, you will want to make sure you adhere to the following Club Kaos dress code rules of items not allowed for men:

  • Shorts
  • Sandals
  • Jerseys or Athletic Pants
  • Work Boots
  • Baggy, Loose Fitting, or Torn Clothing
  • Hats
  • Athletic Clothing
  • Gym or Workout Shoes
  • Cutoff Shirts or Tank Tops

Our Las Vegas Services

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Las Vegas Table Service

You can count on the fact that a dress code is enforced each night at Kaos for men. You will want to make sure follow the rules to avoid not being let into the club. Men can always wear nice jeans or dress pants with a collared shirt and dress shoes. More information about the dress code can be found in our guides on Dress Code Clothing & Shoes Not Allowed.

Ladies on the other hand can really show up wearing whatever they want. Obviously they can't be naked, but sexy is always in in Las Vegas. Make sure to choose shoes you know you can wear the entire night.

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