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Tao Beach Promo Code

Tao Beach Las Vegas

15% Off Tickets

Ready to buy tickets for Tao Beach in Las Vegas? When you came to the checkout you might have been prompted to enter a discount code, coupon code, or promo code. Our Tao Beach codes may allow you to be eligible for discounts to tickets to one of the best dayclubs in Vegas. Being located at the Venetian Hotel, Tao Beach defines pool party fun.

Tao Beach Events

Las Vegas Strip Club Bottle Service

Las Vegas Strip Club Bottle Service

How Does Las Vegas Strip Club Table Service Work?

The VIP treatment for the top strip clubs and gentlemen's clubs in Las Vegas comes with table service that includes bottles. All of our packages include transportation, use of the VIP entrance for quick entry, no cover charge, and bottles of your choice. You'll enjoy your own private table with seating and prime location on the main floor. Groups will have access to their own waitress as well. Take advantage of the quickest entrance into the party with ease.

How Much Does Strip Club Bottle Service Cost?

You'll find that the gentlemen's clubs have packages and table service minimums that are much lower in price compared to the Vegas nightclubs. Please know that the pricing options are dependent upon:

  • Group size
  • On average packages cost between $300 & $800
  • Pricing does not include 8% state tax and 20% gratuity

Booking online ahead of time will get you the best discounts. You will have the benefits of having a confirmed reservation, your own VIP host, and peace of mind knowing everything is going to be set when you arrive at the club.

What Are The Best Strip Clubs For Bottle Service?

While there are a ton of gentlemen's clubs in Las Vegas, there are really only a handful that provide the best experiences, throw the top events, and have the sexiest women. You'll find the best parties and strippers at Crazy Horse 3, Sapphire, Spearmint Rhino, Hustler Club, and Treasures. Be sure to check out our packages available at each venue.

Some Bottle Service Tips For Strip Clubs

  • Take advantage of booking your bottle service early so you can schedule your time for the VIP transportation.
  • Your spend on alcohol does not include money to be used for dancers, make sure to budget accordingly.
  • Once at the club assign one person to be in control of ordering from the waitress. This makes it a bit easier to keep track of your bill and overall spend.
  • Feel free to invite people to your table. This includes the dancers and other guests in the club.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to make your reservation. Tables often sell out, and you don't want to be left out

Gentlemens Club in Las Vegas Bottle Service

Las Vegas New Years Eve Nightclub Events 2018 – 2019

Guest lists are not available for New Years Eve events in Las Vegas. In order to get into the nightclub events guests are required to purchase tickets. These events do sell out and the prices do go up. Ring in 2019 in the #1 party spot in the world. [add_eventon_list number_of_months="5" hide_empty_months="yes" show_et_ft_img="yes" event_type_2="964" hide_past="yes"]
New Years...
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The Cheapest Bottle Service Packages In Las Vegas | Best Deals On Tables

Nightclub bottle service prices in Las Vegas can be really high. There is no way around it. With the most popular events, amazingly designed clubs, and the top DJs and live performances, it's no wonder getting the VIP experiences comes with an expensive price tag. It doesn't have to be this way, and No Cover Nightclubs has some special pricing as well as some tricks that can help you land some of the best bargains and deals for Las Vegas bottle service. You'll want to shift through all of these options because it could save you a few hundred, if not thousands, of dollars. Plus, who doesn't like a deal?

The best place to start is with some of the lowest priced bottle service packages. It's true, we are super excited to offer some of the best deals and prices.

Chateau Nightclub

Paris Hotel
Chateau Nightclub in Vegas

Starting At $400

Includes 2 Bottles

Light Nightclub

Mandalay Bay Hotel
Light NIghtclub In Vegas

Starting At $500

Includes 1 Bottle

Hyde Nightclub

Bellagio Hotel
Hyde Nightclub Table Service

Starting At $550

Includes 1 Bottle

Tao Nightclub

Venetian Hotel
Tao Nightclub Guest List

Starting At $575

Includes 1 Bottle

Drai's Nightclub

Cromwell Hotel
Drais Guest List Vegas

Starting At $600

Includes 1 Bottle

Marquee Nightclub

Cosmopolitan Hotel
Marquee Guest List

Starting At $600

Includes 1 Bottle

Hakkasan Nightclub

MGM Grand Hotel
Hakkasan Nightclub

Starting At $1,000

Includes 1 Bottle

Split Bottle Service

Another option to help with expensive table service is to simply split it with another group. If you can find some other people that are wanting a table at the same club you could join forces and split the bill. It's also a great way to meet new people. We've built out a page to help people find others looking to do this exact thing on our Split Bottle Service Page.

Connect With Us

If you have any questions about bottle service pricing, how it works, or the best table service deals feel free to Contact Us. We love chatting about options to party.

The Vegas Primer

The Vegas Primer
If you are looking for the top guides for Las Vegas nightclubs and dayclubs, The Vegas Primer is your inside club source. A library of ultimate guides helps both tourists and locals alike find accurate information. Get the inside scoop with ease. When you are ready get the full hookups, that's where No Cover Nightclubs comes in.

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Las Vegas Table Service

The Vegas Primer is all about comprehensive club info from an insider's point of view. It's simple to find step by step information about clubbing and partying in Las Vegas. Leading author Jenna Phillips takes the cake on writing. Here at No Cover Nightclubs our goal is to get everyone ready to let loose in Vegas with access to our guest lists, table service options, and valid and up to date information about all club events and how they operate. Party stress free.

The Vegas 100 Club Promo Code – Viva Vegas

If you are looking for the latest promotional code, promo code, or discount code for The Vegas 100 Club by Viva Vegas you've landed in the right place. This Las Vegas club tour offers VIP entry to multiple clubs each night with transportation in a party bus. Skip the lines and enjoy the hookup with VIP concierge in the club crawl industry. Get ready for fun with VivaVegas.VIP

What Is Las Vegas Bottle Service Minimum Spend?

Las Vegas Bottle Service Minimum Spend

When it comes to bottle service in Las Vegas both nightclubs and dayclubs, as well as other cities around the world, one question that often comes up is "what are bottle or table service minimums, and how do they work?" Customers often get confused if bottles are included with the table price, or if bottles are an additional cost.

How Does Table Service Minimum Spend Work?

When you get bottle service you are paying for the top VIP entrance and experience at the club. VIP hosts or packages will often talk about the costs as a bottle minimum or table minimum for pricing. To break it down, each table has a minimum spend. This is the amount you must spend on alcohol of your choice. This can be bottles, drinks, shots, or beers (for dayclubs this also includes food). This minimum spend is typically the subtotal of the package and there will also be associated fees, taxes, and tips. One important item to note is that with bottle service your group's cover charge is included, so there isn't an extra cost at the entrance to get in. With this spend on alcohol you are also getting the table. So they are one in the same.

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A Minimum Spend Example

Lets say you are looking at a table with a $1,500 minimum. This means you have $1,500 to spend on the booze of your choice. You could get three bottles of $500 vodka if you wanted, or one $1,000 magnum bottle of Jack Daniels and the remaining $500 to be spent on shots and drinks. On your bill the $1,500 subtotal will have additional costs of taxes, tips, and fees bringing the total bill typically to $2,037. All tables come with mixers such as juice and sodas for free, but items like water or Red Bull are not complimentary. If you reach your minimum spend and are still thirsty and enjoying the party, you of course have the option to order more. Groups quite frequently start with a few bottles but end up getting more as the night progresses.

Groups should also note that tables also have a maximum group size. This size is the limit of the amount of people that can enter into the club with the table service group. So if your table package has a limit of 10 people, that is the most people you could arrive with to enjoy the table. We will say that once inside it becomes more lenient on capacity. You really have the option to invite anyone you want to your table once inside the club. Obviously the tables can physically hold a certain amount safely, and the staff will help monitor that.

If you are looking for table service and bottle options for all of the clubs in Vegas head to our bottle service packages page to get started with all pricing and reservations.

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