What Is A VIP Host?

No you aren't needy. You merely require a certain standard when it comes to partying at nightclubs. This standard is a higher standard and includes more of a VIP treatment and seating.

What Is A VIP Host?

A true club VIP host takes on the responsibility to make sure your night out is taken care of from beginning to end. It also typically involves helping to book bottle service/table service. He or she is your point of contact to provide information on pricing, table placement, booking, and assisting at the club entrance.

Why Book With A VIP Host?

Booking club VIP options with VIP hosts like No Cover Nightclubs in Las Vegas helps streamline the process and remove any confusion. Traditionally getting bottle service has been tough and filled with uncertainty. The last thing you want is to arrive and realize you don't have a host, the table price has changed, or worse, you don't have a table at all. When booking with No Cover Nightclubs you get all pricing and costs up front including taxes and tips so there are no surprises with the bill at the end of the night.

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How Do I Contact A VIP Host?

The easiest way to contact a VIP host is to see the services and pricing for Las Vegas bottle service or to contact us directly. At No Cover Nightclubs we feel the VIP treatment should be available for anyone that is interested. We truly believe that once you have tried our VIP hosting you can never go back to the standard club experiences.
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