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Thank you! My sister had an ridiculously good time at The Bank in the Bellagio Las Vegas. All our guests got in completely free! Thanks again!

Shawndra H.,

Never knew of this until I happened across it online while in Las Vegas. I was able to sign up in a few minutes and get on the "No Cover" list for a top nightclub that same night. There was a $45 cover ordinarily and me and my daughter got in for free and were on the list and in the special line easily. The next night we did it again - and were alerted via text that the club was suddenly closing that night so the NoCoverNightclubs site put us on the list for a comparable nightclub nearby immediately. I didn't have to do anything. Unfortunately that club ended up being dark - which no one at the hotel even knew about - so no fault of this service. I was super impressed with the speed and ease of use and that it actually worked!

Juli S.,

Sorry for the overdue review but No Cover Nightclub is awesome. It is really easy to use to request access to day and night clubs in Vegas. I had no trouble getting into the locations, per the instructions given to me by email. We even saved money at the day pool because No Cover Nightclub got us ladies free drinks at the bar. I will definitely use No Cover again in the future. I highly recommend it.

Joan K.,

Awesome experience using No Cover to get into night clubs. I had no trouble booking and getting into the club 1 hour before arrival. Quick and fast website that gives you a confirmation email right away. If you are not on guest list, then you can Just show the email to get in too. Saved so much $$. thank you so much

Sam C.,

its totally legit .. my boyfriend and myself went to Vegas for the weekend we both got in for free and were on the guest list as promised . it was super easy, they lay it out for you and text you a reminder that night. When i emailed them they responded right away with an answer. i saved so much being on your guest list wasn't about to spend $80 just for us to get in a club. i will be definitely be using this website again my next visit to the mother land. and telling all my friends why pay so much for a club when you can get in for free and have a great night ... i recommend 1oak night club...i had such a great time ... this website. THANK YOU NO COVER NIGHT CLUB .....I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME IN VEGAS TILL NEXT TIME - HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS

Chantall R.,

Thank you so much for all your help. Your company is so legit and bravo to u guys.

Mason K.,

I wanted to thank you for having such an accommodating site. You guys made clubbing so much easier. My girlfriend and I had such a wonderful time thank you so much again! We will be using your services again.

Cameron M.,

Absolutely Legit! Totally Free!!! I have use No Cover Nightclubs twice when I visited Vegas. We got into night clubs free & I also got free open bar at a pool party at Mandalay Bay for me and all of my friends. It was a Great time! I highly recommend No Cover Nightclubs it will save you lots of money. I used the money that I save on gambling on slot machines and won $1000.00. It was a trip to remember but after the free open bars couldn't remember much after that...LOL

Tracie S.,

This website was straightforward and easy to use. Based on my schedule and preferred locations, I filled in the information accordingly. I had no problem getting into my selected venues and got free drink tickets too! Communication was clear and instructions were provided by emails and text messages. Highly recommended!!!

Karen L.,

Used No Cover nightclubs for free entry into Body English. Would have had to pay $50 to get in, but by using No Cover Nightclubs got in for free. It was great.

Tom C.,

My 2 friends and I used nocovernightclubs during our girls' weekend in Vegas. We were a little skeptical at first but figured we had nothing to lose. The guest list service worked perfectly - we got instant access to the club, free entry, and free drink passes. Obviously I have no idea how well it works for guys, but I highly recommend giving it a try. It was fast and easy.

Tc L.,

I've been to Vegas before and have always hated the obnoxiously long wait and ridiculous covers it takes to get into the clubs. It seems to be a town where if you don't know someone you might as well expect to spend most of you time hanging out in lines. When i heard about this website from a friend i thought there had to be some sort of catch but in all honesty it was the easiest thing to just sign up and get waved right into the club. I'll be recommending this site to friends and brag about my awesome experience at some of the best clubs in the world!

Brian E.,

This was my first trip to Vegas and a friend referred me to the No Cover Nightclubs website. I have to say, it made the trip so much easier. We were able to get an idea of where we wanted to go then put our names on the list without any trouble at all. When we arrived, we didn't have to wait in line and we got in completely free. The text reminders are definitely the best part! We knew exactly where to go and when. I will be referring all of my friends to the website from now on!

Emily S.,

Hey Thanks for the guest list email! I got into Hyde in two seconds, with no hassle, greatly appreciated 🙂

Dory Z.,

We went to Vegas for a quick girls trip and had a blast going to some of the best clubs and pool parties on the strip! Getting in was super easy and the text reminders of where to be when was super convenient! I would recommend this to everyone going to Vegas!

Jennifer N.,

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