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So I created a Yelp account just so I could review this company! Thanks to this website my last trip in Vegas was Amazing! The website was so easy to use and their communications each day were fantastic. One of the clubs I chose decided not to have a guest list the night I was scheduled to go and without having to do anything I received a text message notifying me about the no guest list and had already set my friend and I up on a guest list at a different nightclub. Wonderful customer service and I will definitely use every time I come to Vegas!

Alyssa P., Eagle, CO

Easy to use and easy to navigate website, guestlist was legit, didn't wait in line for more than 10 mins!

Natasha M.,

Such a great and underutilized website. They have one of the easiest to navigate sites I have ever seen to get on the guest-list for great clubs in Vegas. The site is ordered by day so you can just find what day you need to go clubbing and they will list the best clubs for those days and which ones you can get in for free. They even list the ones you can't get in for free but at least you know its worth paying the cover and you will have a great time.

I used this site everyday especially because I was in Vegas during the Monday through Thursday time when a lot of clubs aren't opened and would have wasted hours checking all of their websites. I hope this site gets more attention because it was so easy with confirmation texts and just walking up to the line and getting in for free for a great night. If they are ever looking to start this in San Francisco I would love to volunteer to help!

Nick R.,
I was a bit skeptical this would actually work for 2 dudes in Vegas on a Friday night during the first week of March Madness. However the other positive reviews on yelp gave me some optimism....and this really works! I followed the instructions to a tee: show up a little before 1030p and got in line on the left hand side. We went to the Bank at the Bellagio. My buddy and I were second in line beyond a couple. Immediately afterwards a group of 20 young girls on a 21st birthday bash showed up and were behind us (which I'm sure helped me and buddy get in more easier as the clubs do regulate the ratio of girls to guys). The line filled up pretty quickly and was fairly long in about 5 mins so I was very happy we got there early. We waited for a few minutes, someone checked my name (bring your ID!) to make sure it was on the list, and we were in the club with no cover charge. Since we were one of the first to get in , we had first dibs on drinks at the bar which actually never got too crowded thru out the night.

Bottom line - this actually works , it is not a gimmick. Just follow the instructions provided to you and get there early. If you are a girl or a group of girls , you'll get in no problem. If you are a guy with a girl or a group of girls, you should be fine. If you are a large group of guys, I would recommend getting a table with bottle service as it might be harder to get in and you'll have more fun at the club and the table cost won't be too bad if you can spread it around. Enjoy !

No Cover Nightclubs
Date published: 04/03/2015
5 / 5 stars
S R., Collingswood, NJ

Welp. I did get into the guest list. But I didn't make it. So yea!! This thing actually works! Yay. Next time. Imma make it.

Rohini E.,

This site is awesome sauce. Super easy to use and def worth it if you're going clubbing. Friends and I hit up Light on a Weds night (3 guys, 2 girls). Got in so quickly! Light's one of my faves because of all the Cirque performers. Music was awesome. Next time in Vegas my friends and I will absolutely use this site again. Best way to save money.

Johnny T.,

This was so easy to use, and it actually works! We went to the top of the palms, the ghostbar for free and had a wonderful valentines eve. This site is wonderful!

Amber P.,

If you want to have a no hassle fun and not have to wait forever to get into the club, No cover Nightclubs guest list is the way to go. Just be there early and you will get in quickly and free of charge. You can't beat that. It was a very smooth and fun experience from beginning to end.

Lisa Y.,

No Cover nightclubs is Legit, people! We skipped the long line at Chateau, the four of us didn't have to pay a cover fee. The club was so much fun! I would definitely recommend using this service!!! Thank you!

XinXin L.,

Great and easy to use. My group and I all got in to Drai's Nightclub for free and had an incredible time.
Drais Testimonial

Mario R.,

I had a great experience with this site! I was honestly a little skeptical at first, thinking there would be some strings attached, but I was happily proven wrong. It worked exactly the way it said it would. We got into the club with no issues whatsoever and ended up having a fantastic night. Thanks guys! I'll definitely be using it again!

Steven S.,

There really is no catch! Used this service last week 3 times to get into some of the best clubs in Vegas. We had an even ratio of guys to girls so we didn't pay a penny for the venues we choose either. Easily saved our small group hundreds on cover alone, but we also got some drink tickets and some clubs had open bar for ladies. Blown away that it actually works.

Tyler P.,

Me and about 8 other friends went to Drais in January for a couple of bday celebrations and we LOVED it had a great time. It was such a beautiful establishment, great music and of course great drinks. I HIGHLY recommend Drais night club.

Krystal C.,

Used this site for the first time. Easy to use, no tricks or gimmicks. Soo glad me and the girls signed up and we saved soo much money on cover charge for the club.

Joyce L.,

Very easy to fill out the form for club of choice. They also list what is expected for each club guest list you sign up for. Received e-mail confirmation right away and a text confirmation no later than 9 pm telling you where to go. My group consisted of two couples (2 F/ 2 M) and we all received free entry at The Bank on Sunday. Got there a little after 11 no lines and everyone got in free no problems. Thanks so much for everything we had a ball!
Lucille D

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