NO COVER NIGHTCLUBS was an excellent guest list service (and in my own opinion) the best way to go through the Las Vegas nightclub scene.
It was so effortless and convenient to have everything planned out in front of you online, from day/night clubs times and days of operation, to exact coin attire and times to be there by. It was as easy as: Name, number of guests, club, phone #, email, done)
Not only that, with being under the NO COVER NIGHTCLUBS guest list, if you get there before certain times, you get free drink tickets at specific clubs (always for the girls and even at times for the guys) How can you beat that!!?
Thank-you NO COVER NIGHTCLUBS for making the Las Vegas guest list effortless and cutting out the middle man and not having to go through and seek out promoters in person.
Would definitely use and recommend again.
Date published: 04/15/2019
Shaka S.,

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