I was a bit skeptical this would actually work for 2 dudes in Vegas on a Friday night during the first week of March Madness. However the other positive reviews on yelp gave me some optimism....and this really works! I followed the instructions to a tee: show up a little before 1030p and got in line on the left hand side. We went to the Bank at the Bellagio. My buddy and I were second in line beyond a couple. Immediately afterwards a group of 20 young girls on a 21st birthday bash showed up and were behind us (which I'm sure helped me and buddy get in more easier as the clubs do regulate the ratio of girls to guys). The line filled up pretty quickly and was fairly long in about 5 mins so I was very happy we got there early. We waited for a few minutes, someone checked my name (bring your ID!) to make sure it was on the list, and we were in the club with no cover charge. Since we were one of the first to get in , we had first dibs on drinks at the bar which actually never got too crowded thru out the night.

Bottom line - this actually works , it is not a gimmick. Just follow the instructions provided to you and get there early. If you are a girl or a group of girls , you'll get in no problem. If you are a guy with a girl or a group of girls, you should be fine. If you are a large group of guys, I would recommend getting a table with bottle service as it might be harder to get in and you'll have more fun at the club and the table cost won't be too bad if you can spread it around. Enjoy !

No Cover Nightclubs
Date published: 04/03/2015
5 / 5 stars
S R., Collingswood, NJ

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