Such a great and underutilized website. They have one of the easiest to navigate sites I have ever seen to get on the guest-list for great clubs in Vegas. The site is ordered by day so you can just find what day you need to go clubbing and they will list the best clubs for those days and which ones you can get in for free. They even list the ones you can't get in for free but at least you know its worth paying the cover and you will have a great time.

I used this site everyday especially because I was in Vegas during the Monday through Thursday time when a lot of clubs aren't opened and would have wasted hours checking all of their websites. I hope this site gets more attention because it was so easy with confirmation texts and just walking up to the line and getting in for free for a great night. If they are ever looking to start this in San Francisco I would love to volunteer to help!

Nick R.,

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