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How The Wet Republic Guest List Works

Wet Republic Gust List
DAYS OPEN: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Getting on the guest list for Wet Republic is easy. Simply join here and include your information, date you want to attend, and how many people in your party and No Cover Nightclubs does the rest.

Being on our guest list gets you the following benefits:

  • Ladies get free entrance.
  • Men get reduced cover charge or free entrance. Groups of only men might consider getting bottle service or doing a Las Vegas strip club instead.
  • Men and women skip the general admission line.
  • If your group has more than 10 people you must sign half of the group up under one name, and sign the other half up under a second name from your group. This will ensure your entire group gets added correctly.
  • Guest list entry is always determined by the venue. For Calvin Harris events Wet Republic may limit the guest list or not have a guest list at all. Please arrive early and see the upcoming guest list rules below.
  • Once you have signed up on our list, show up to the venue before 11am and check in at the guest list area located on the venue entrance. Simply tell them you are on the list under No Cover Nightclubs. No Cover Nightclubs and Wet Republic are not liable for individuals who charged money for the guest list. This is a completely free service. Any charges for arriving after the guest list has closed, or for reduced cover charges, will be made at the venue with the cashier upon entry.
  • Looking for bottle service at Wet Republic? Get all information about Wet Republic tables for reservations, pricing, and questions.

After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email with directions on how to use the dayclub guest list including check in location and time. On the morning of your guest list date you will receive a text reminder with the pertinent guest list information.

How Much Does The Wet Republic Guest List Cost?

Our guest list for Wet Republic in Las Vegas is a free service that we do no charge any money for. All done using our website.

Upcoming Wet Republic Guest List Rules

Temporarily closed until future notice

Thursday 3/12
▪ Girls free until 1pm
▪ Guys free until 1pm

Friday 3/13
▪ Not Open

Saturday 3/14 Loud Luxury
▪ Girls free until 1pm
▪ Guys free until 1pm

Sunday 3/15 Fergie DJ
▪ Girls free until 1pm
▪ Guys free until 1pm

Monday 3/16
▪ Girls free until 1pm
▪ Guys free until 1pm

No Guest List - Get Tickets

Get On The Wet Republic Guest List For Free

Your First Name

Your Last Name

Date Attending (Pick From Calendar)

How many women?

How many men?

Your Email

Your Cell Phone Number

Wet Republic has a maximum guest list group size of 10 people. To ensure your entire group gets added to the guest list please complete the sign up using multiple names from the group and smaller group sizes.

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