Nightswim Dress Code | What You Can Wear To Vegas Night Pool Parties

Las Vegas Nightswim Dress Code
So you are ready to attend one of the night time pool parties in Las Vegas. Whether it is Nightswim at XS on Sundays, Encore Beach Club (EBC at Night), or Drais Swim Night, you will definitely want to know what attire is allowed. The thing everyone needs to know is that these events truly are pool parties. So that means you can wear and bring the same things you would for the dayclubs and pools during the day in Vegas.

Guests are invited and encouraged to be in the water. So yes the following items are allowed:

  • Swimsuits
  • Tank tops
  • Sneakers
  • Sandals/Flipflops
  • Biknis
  • Coverups
  • Shorts

What Is Recommended To Wear To Nightswim?

If we had to make one recommendation it would be for men to wear swim trunks and a shirt or a tank top, and ladies with swimsuits or cover-ups over swim attire. Sandals, sneakers, and heels or wedges are also all allowed. Small bags and purses are definitely allowed, but be aware they will be searched by security at the entrance. Make sure to not bring any liquids or medication as they will most likely be confiscated. If you don't feel like wearing pool attire. Standard nightclub dress attire is also accepted.

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What Clothing Does Not Meet The Night Pool Party Dress Code?

As for items that don't meet the dress code for night pool party events see below:

  • Men - No jerseys or sports attire, no wife beaters, no basketball shorts, and no hats
  • Women - No see-through apparel

Remember you will have to walk through the casino before and after the club, so the hotel property requires men to have shirts and women to have cover up material.

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