Las Vegas Nightclub Halloween Costume Rules

Vegas Halloween Costume Rules
Las Vegas nightclubs are known for throwing crazy awesome Halloween parties with ridiculous costume contests. We always want to make sure all party-goers know the rules for what they can wear on Halloween, and what types of costumes are allowed in the clubs and on the hotel/casino properties. Guests, of course, may wear Halloween costumes provided they adhere to the following guidelines which ensure regulatory compliance and the safety of all those on property (this may vary by property):

  • Guests’ costumes may not include masks or any other items including but not limited to, face paint, hair, hats or veils that cover or obscure the wearer’s face to the point of prohibiting effective identification.
  • Guests may not wear costumes that indicate they are security or law enforcement. Guests dressed in this manner will not be permitted to enter certain properties.
  • Weapons of any kind, including toy or fake, are not permitted on property. Guests with toy/fake weapons will be given an opportunity to return “weapons” to their rooms or cars or they will be confiscated as if an actual weapon.
  • Clark County Code requires that individuals cover “private” areas, including the female breast below the top of the areola, with fully opaque covering. In addition to the above, the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s standard requires individuals in the gaming area have their buttocks completely covered by a fully opaque covering. For the purposes of this definition, "fully opaque covering" does NOT include pasties, latex paint, or hair pieces.

Adhere by the rules and you won't have any issues getting into the top events and nightclubs on The Strip for Halloween events.

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