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22nov10:30 pmDarkerdazeChateau Nightclub

22nov10:30 pm11:50 pmMighty MiOn The Record

23nov10:30 pmP JayChateau Nightclub

27nov10:30 pm11:50 pmDJ Five Thanksgiving EveOn The Record

29nov10:30 pmPresto OneChateau Nightclub

29nov10:30 pm11:50 pmG SquaredOn The Record

30nov10:30 pmShadowredChateau Nightclub

30nov10:30 pm11:50 pmSean PerryOn The Record


04dec10:30 pm11:50 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

05dec10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

06dec10:30 pm11:50 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

06dec10:30 pmShadowredChateau Nightclub

07dec10:30 pmP JayChateau Nightclub

07dec10:30 pm11:50 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

11dec10:30 pm11:50 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

12dec10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

13dec10:30 pm11:50 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

13dec10:30 pmKokoChateau Nightclub

14dec10:30 pmShadowredChateau Nightclub

14dec10:30 pm11:50 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

18dec10:30 pm11:50 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

27dec10:30 pmShadowredChateau Nightclub

27dec10:30 pm11:50 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

28dec10:30 pmDevilleChateau Nightclub

28dec10:30 pm11:50 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

31dec10:30 pmNew Years Eve 2020Chateau Nightclub

If you thought Vegas nightlife was crazy on the weekend, try mixing in the excitement and sultriness of Halloween. Rivaling the parties thrown for New Years, Halloween brings the top DJs and live performances to every nightclub on the strip. Each venue also throws Halloween costume contests with winnings of up to $30,000. Expect to see some of the most bizarre, outrageous, ingenious and sexy costumes you've ever seen. Since I mentioned sexy, I cannot emphasize enough that you will see more beautiful women clad in pretty much nothing than you have ever seen in your entire life. Depending on which day of the week the 31st actually falls on, Vegas throws multiple Halloween parties for the week leading up to the actual holiday. If you're coming into town, we suggest bringing multiple costumes, and make sure you have some way to carry your wallet, ID, purse, and cell phone. Check out our full Halloween events calendar.

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