What Time Do Las Vegas Nightclubs Open?

Las Vegas is known for having some of the top nightclubs on the planet. From headlining with the world’s top DJs, live musical performances, and celebrity hosts, it’s no surprise they are extremely popular. Most of the major hotels on Las Vegas Blvd. have a popular nightclub, and these nightclubs for the most part have very similar schedules.

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The nightclubs typically open at 10:30pm, but know that for special events and holidays they may open their doors at 10pm. For the most at popular clubs on the most popular nights people may start lining up at the front entrance one hour before the opening time. The clubs can have lines where guests wait 20 minutes to an hour or two to get in. It just depends on how busy the club is on that particular night.

One thing to note when it comes to the nightclub guest lists. Typically the guest list is only available for a certain amount of time. For the most part those on the guest list have to arrive and be checked in at 10:30pm between 11:30pm. After that the guest list typically closes and your option to get in for free or with a guest list discount goes away.

Another thing to think ahead with is that getting to the hotel where your planned nightclub is located may take a longer than you're expecting. Whether you are walking or taking a taxi it’s good to recognize that as the night begins hundreds of groups are all trying to get to different hotels to get their party started in the nightclubs of their choice. We recommend getting everyone in your group prepared and transferred to your hotel a little earlier in the night so you don’t end up running late and missing opportunities to check in on the guest list or waiting in line for an hour or longer. The nice thing about Vegas is that every hotel has bars open all the time, so you can arrive a little early at your hotel destination and have a pregame drink to get the night started.

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