What Time Do Clubs Close In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is definitely known for its popular club scene. Every day of the week there are multiple top tier nightclubs that are open. Some people may not be aware, but the nightclubs do have a closing time. So what time do the Las Vegas clubs close at?

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It is common for most clubs to close around 4:00 am. There can be some wiggle room depending on how popular the events are. For example holiday weekends or super popular events may go later into the early morning. The good thing is this is Las Vegas, and there is always something going on.

There are a few options for things to do after the clubs close, and those include after hours clubs and strip clubs. After hours literally continue the club party and typically open around 2 am and continue into the early morning. We highly suggest Drais After Hours as it is the best after hours club in Vegas. The other late night option is the Las Vegas Strip Clubs. Feel free to browse our options for both, and you'll enjoy continuing the fun after the regular clubs close their doors for the night.

One thing to remember is that just because the clubs have closed, doesn't mean alcohol is stopped serving in Las Vegas. Unlike other cities, alcohol can be served 24/7. You will never have an issue finding a bar while you are on the Strip.

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