V.I.We Tao Las Vegas

VIWe Tao Las Vegas

At Tao at the Venetian in Las Vegas V.I.We packages are table service share options. Please see all options for Tao bottle service, guest list, and events by selecting an option below.

How Does V.I.We Tao Work?

V.I.We at Tao Nightclub & Tao Beach is a ticked purchase that provides access to an area of the club with shared table seating and bottle service. Drinks are made by the waitress staff and the area has its own security just like regular bottle service. This table area is shared with other party-goers.

How Much Does V.I.We Tao Cost?

V.I.We at Tao typically costs $75 for females and $125 for males.

Where Can I Purchase V.I.We Tao?

Tickets for V.I.We at Tao can be purchased from the Tao website.

What Bottles Come With V.I.We Tao?

Bottles of vodka, tequila, and champagne are served at the Tao V.I.We table.

What Are Some V.I.We Tao Alternatives?

Some groups may find that V.I.We at Tao Las Vegas is still pretty expensive. Some alternatives are our free Tao guest list and Tao bottle service deals.

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