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My days of going out to nightclubs are probably well and gone, but I did have those days. I wish I had something like this around back then, but I'd probably still be in those clubs if I did:) This site is pretty cool, as it has a host of clubs in Las Vegas to get discounted or free admission to, which is pretty extraordinary in Las Vegas. It also handles pools and (gasp)... strip clubs. My friends that come into town use it to get tickets to Thunder From Down Under. One of the things I personally use it for, which is only sort of related to the aforementioned stuff, but much more funny is the viral videos about nightclub industry "content". I could spend an hour or two a day, just watching this stuff. Overall, this is a great service, and entertaining to boot!

Tony C.,

I am a local here in Las Vegas of over 14 years. It is a rare occasion when you don't have the hassle of lines and a tremendously long wait attempting to find your way in to a nightclub. Attempting to get groups of people in to a night club, especially from out of town, is expensive and can prove to be a frustrating experience. Mike and his website have hands down been a life saver. It takes the guess work out of the whole process. It was a pleasure to work with him. The website is very user friendly. I will definitely be using this again in the near future.

Jennifer B.,

Mike and his service are the most professional and best to work with and offer the easiest guest list registration and there is always confirmation that makes getting into the club simple!

Avi K.,

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