Was hesitant to believe this service would actually work but ended up being the highlight of our trip! We got on the guest list for XS on a Saturday night for the Chainsmokers just 7 hours before the club opened. I was convinced it wouldn't work, we'd be turned away at the door, and our night would be boring.

How wrong was I!!!! NCN hooked it up with the guest list and we were in the front row for the concert. Will absolutely be using them again in the future. If you plan on using NCN, make sure you know the main act doesn't come on til about 1:30/2 so you will be there from club open (around 10:30) til 3:30 if you want to see the full set!

Thank you for an unreal night, NCN! Still can't believe it!

No Cover Nightclubs Chainsmokers Review

Date published: 10/20/2019
5 / 5 stars
Zachary Z.,

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