This was by far the best thing I came across in Vegas. Mike Kelly made it possible for me to fully enjoy the nightlife experience. After I lost faith in promoters and ensuring that my name gets on the staff guest list for Omnia's Armin van Buuren's performance then being told that my name was not appearing on their database I found myself doing some research online and came across and I have used it ever since, even shared the site with friends and family. It is so easy and reliable. I got immediate success, prompt response and confirmation along with follow-up emails and text messages reminding me of club information, expectations and details for gaining or securing entry. I am totally satisfied with the service I received from No Cover Nightclubs and recommend using their service all the time. It's quick and guarantees success on guest list. Entry to clubs is totally based on whether there is a guest list on night in question but once there is an active guest list and you reach before it closes, you're in!

Thank you Mike and your team for making life so much more enjoyable.

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No Cover Nightclubs
Date published: 04/29/2016
5 / 5 stars
Yolanda H., Las Vegas, NV

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