Talk about a game changer! While planning a Saturday night for our friend's 30th in Vegas, I stumbled upon No Cover Nightclubs and after researching the site up and down, I decided to put our names on the lists for a few spots. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical that simply signing up for *thee* Vegas clubs was enough for us to get in. We decided on hitting Omnia. Showing up at 10:45, there was already a huge line almost everywhere. I thought "Of course; everyone must sign up and it's simply a rat race of who actually gets in". Well, when I asked the bouncer if there was a specific line for guest lists, he pointed towards an empty line and 5 minutes later, we were dancing the night away. I still can't believe it was that easy. I'm using this every time I travel to Vegas. Please bring this to Chicago!
Date published: 01/23/2018
5 / 5 stars
Vincent S.,

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