First, I was actually on guest list for 3 venues last night (Omnia, Drai's and Drai's after hours). I went to the Matt Goss show at Mirage; and I wasn't sure how timing would play out. I hedged with the 3 options. In the end, I only made it to Omnia, so my feedback is specific to tgat venue.

The show at Mirage ran late and I hadn't had dinner yet. After I ate, I decided to try Omnia first. It was about 1045 pm when I got there ( hour past the time recommended to be there). Fortunately, there was a special event still in progress. "Desdeo" wasn't opening to guests until 1100.

Literally within 5 minutes of my arrival, a tonne of people arrived behind me. Luck was on my side! I only waited 15 min to get in (with 4 guestlisters in front of me). The whole entry procedure was smooth. I was pleasantly surprised. Overall, I had a wonderful time at Omnia.

Thanks very much for helping me explore Vegas nightlife easily (with zero drama at the door!). It's very much appreciated, from a 'first time in Vegas' Canadian travellor 🙂
Date published: 04/08/2019
Vanessa R.,

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