I can't say enough good things about No Cover Nightclubs! They're truly helpful and provide superior customer service, whether it's for guest list, or bottle service. I used their site to book bottle service after previously using them for their guest list. After that great experience they were my go to for bottle service for my Birthday. I booked a table at Hakkasan and received a confirmation text from Mike upon my completion. Not only did he confirm my reservation, but answered any of my questions quickly and he even referred me over to a fun article on his site about the dress code, which was helpful for the guys in the group (Which we all know... guys don't get away with as much as us ladies do in nightclubs). My group was dressed appropriately thanks to him and all instructions were clear and easy to follow. I recommend No Cover Nightclubs to all my friends who don't want to pay those pesky covers into nightclubs/day clubs in Vegas OR want to get bottle service for a special occasion. They're organized and I had no problem in comparison to using some of those other free entry sites you find on the internet. My friends who have used No Cover Nightclubs for the guest list, have had ZERO problems and were even given drink tickets for the ladies in the group. Winner!!!After all, free is always good!

Just a quick tip for all you Yelpers that use this site, just read any quick info that the site has when signing up, it makes things crystal clear and you won't have any confusion.

Date published: 4/12/2017
5 / 5 stars
Sabrina F., Las Vegas, NV

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