I've been using this service since before I became a local. I have used No Cover to go just about everywhere and have NEVER had an issue. You do have to get on the list before a certain time but the site is very user friendly and will give you all you need to know including dress code. Once you get to the venue of your choice, go the guestlist line, give them your ID, they give you a slip, and that's it! You're in! The suggested arrival time is there for a reason especially for XS, Omnia, Kaos, and Hakkassan. You can play with the arrival by like half an hour depending on the headliner. Drinks range from about $15-22 and they sell tumberls at many of them which are the best way to go for about $45. IF YOU ARE AN INTERNATIONAL VISITOR: YOU NEED YOUR PASSPORT to get in!

Date published: 09/02/2019
5 / 5 stars
Leti G.,

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