I go to Vegas every June for the NHL hockey awards. At 66 years young I really don't consider myself much of a partier, but it's Vegas and and we'll all bets are off. I didn't trust all those "promoters" on the Las Vegas Strip offering you "free entry and free drinks" to go to a club. I looked on a Vegas website and saw No Cover Nightclubs . I wondered if they were scamming me too about free entry and free drinks. I signed up and the first pool party that I went to and enjoyed myself at was Rehab at the Hard Rock. No Cover Nightclubs is LEGIT! I don't know what took me so long to discover these guys and after a visit to Hyde at the Bellagio , I can't stop recommending these guys to everyone I know that comes to Vegas and they make it so easy for you to sign up. They even send you texts that tell you what time to get there. If you show up late, that's on you, boo. Everything you need to know about the club you're going to is there. Thank you No Cover Nightclubs . As long as the good Lord allows me , I'm going to keep on recommending you guys to folks who go to Vegas and want to go to a nightclub or a pool party.
Date published: 06/11/2019
5 / 5 stars
JoAnn L.,

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