I travel to Vegas at leasst 1-2 a year and in the past, I've always used their services for guest lists. Due to Covid and the mandatory reservations, My friends and I opted for bottle service at a few of the Vegas venues. I believe No Cover nightclubs are the best in the business. Their website has accurate prices and is basically fool proof. It gives you everything you need to determine what bottle service package falls within your designated budget. A lot of communication is done via text (which I prefer) and I am not exaggerating when I say what I receive a response in 3 minutes or less. They are THAT FAST at answering questions and getting you squared away. In addition, they make you feel like a valued customer and not just "another person booking on their website". I say this because initially we were able to reserve the table with a deposit and then pay full price at arrival. Mike got notice that in order for us to keep our tables, we must pay the balance in full and immediately notified me to give me the opportunity to pay in full so that I would not lose out on the tables that I wanted. Last, because Covid is happening, they keep updated information on what clubs are opening and what clubs are closed so that you know exactly what your options are. Although I pretty much am familiar with the Vegas venues, I think this is very helpful for those that are not. If asked, Mike also will give his recommendations on what clubs to go to! All in all, I would suggest everyone use their services. Great customer service and a fabulous experience. Thanks!!
Date published: 08/10/2020
5 / 5 stars
Jasmine S.,

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