Upfront: I'm a guy who went clubbing alone. I only say this as I noticed there are a lot of women reviewing this website/service and frankly it's not that impressive that they got into a nightclub in Vegas. Clubs in general, but especially Vegas clubs cater to women and roadblock guys. Just an FYI. I honestly don't know why there are some people complaining about this service. I guess having the "No Cover" in the name turned some people off, thinking that no matter what, it'd be free cover. However, this website seems pretty open that they simply get you on the guest list. They don't control the guest list policy, they simply get you on it and for that, this is 100% legit. I was in Vegas over the weekend clubbing and I found this website, signed up to be added to the Hakkasan guest list around 6pm on a Saturday night. In about 10 minutes I received a text back notifying me I'd been added to the guest list and instructions. I was indeed on the guest list and received free entry into the establishment. This did exactly what they advertised. Between this service and hotel perks for staying at the Bellagio, I didn't spend a single penny on nightclub covers during my stay 🙂
No Cover Nightclubs
Date published: 04/22/2016
5 / 5 stars

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