This was my first experience with No Cover Nightclubs and they over delivered! I will definitely use them again !!

Celebrated my birthday this past weekend (June 16-19, 2016) in Vegas with my husband and some great friends! Decided on Hyde at the Bellagio because it is a smaller club and has a great view of the Strip! Since the lines for the clubs are ridiculous, and no girl wants to stand in line for hours, in heels, before spending hours on the dance floor, I researched options to get into the club that were comparable to what VIP use to be.

Came across No Cover Nightclubs and after reading reviews emailed for the guest list for 4 (2 males/2 females) for Friday night. Got an instant confirmation, what to expect, what time to be there and where to checkin.

Said ladies would get in free and dude would likely have to pay the cover and ladies would drink for reduced or free til midnight while men had to pay. (It pays to be a lady in Vegas!)

How'd the night end? Got there at 1050, waited in line for no more than 10, all four of us got in free, and I was handed 10 free drink tickets for the night. Granted, only limited drinks were valid, but a free drink is a free drink!

I recommend you give No Cover Nightclubs an opportunity to earn your business. They didn't promise me anything and deceived on everything! Even if dudes have to pay, you're still saving money and having a great time!
Date published: 06/20/2016
5 / 5 stars
Elena L., Inwood, FL

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