Used this service for the first time. I have previously used freevegasclubpasses which is a good service but I now prefer no cover nightclubs. I like that this site lists all the clubs and what days they are open along with any comps you can receive. My girlfriend and I were in vegas and chose to use this on wednesday night. We got on the guest list for HYDE at the Bellagio. It said girls get free cover and open bar till midnight and guys MAY get free or reduced cover. We got a email and text confirmation immediately. We got inline at 1030 and waited about 15-20min in line. It looked like HYDE had 3 lines: hotel guests, general line, and a line for people that paid to get in. The general line is what we were told to go into and it moved the slowest. The hotel guest line was only women and obviously moved the fastest. While inline they gave me a free drink coupon which was nice. We were expecting my girlfriend to get the open bar since we were there before midnight but it was only 5 drink tickets. This obviously has nothing to do with nocovernightclubs but it would be nice if the info was updated on the site so we could expect 5 drink coupons and not an open bar. The club is pretty small compared to others on the strip like hakkasan or marquee. The view of the fountains was awesome though. Would definitely use this site again next time I'm in vegas.
Date published: 12/27/2016
4 / 5 stars
Anthony P., Naperville, IL

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