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I used it to get in to Hakkasan with my friends when Tiesto was playing on Sept.30 .I put myself and 4 of my friends on the list,although 2 of my friends wanted to join us a little later and when I told that to the host she said they wont be able to get in after us since the group has to be together when entering, which was a little bummer cause they had to pay to get in, but overall I am happy that the 3 of us saved $90 for the entry!!!

The thing that you have to remember when using a guest list( and No cover Nightclubs encourages it is that you have to be there at the exact time as the club opens,especially if a very popular DJ is playing, because if you are even only 30 minutes late after they open you will have to wait in a insanely long line,like 2h or more. Believe me,I know from experience .)

Thank you No cover nightclubs!!! I will defiantly use it again when I,m in Vegas.

Date published: 10/03/2017
4 / 5 stars
Anna R., Lemont, IL

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