TAO Nightclub Table Share Experience

Purchasing a shared table experience ticket for TAO Nightclub will give you access to a shared area in the venue with open seating to other shared table experience guests. There will be a waitress, security and busser in the area to assist with the evening. Tequila, Vodka and champagne are available and replenished as needed depending on size of the party.

How Does TAO Nightclub Table Share Experience Work?

You simply purchase a shared experience ticket for TAO Nightclub and you'll get the all of the VIP perks including entry, a table shared with other share experience guests, and replenished bottles.

How Much Does The Shared Experience Cost?

TAO Table Shared typically costs $75 for females and $125 for males.

Where Can I Purchase Table Share Tickets?

Tickets for TAO's table sharing can be purchased directly from the TAO Nightclub website.

What Alcohol Is Included?

Bottles of vodka, tequila, and champagne are served at the TAO shared tables.

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