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RuPaul's Drag Race has taken the world by storm, becoming an iconic reality competition show celebrating the art of drag and showcasing the talent of drag queens from various corners of the globe. After years of success on television, RuPaul decided to bring the magic of the show to Las Vegas, where fans can experience the glitz, glamour, and fierce performances up close and personal. With the popularity of the Vegas residency, it's natural for fans to have questions. Here are 10 frequently asked questions about RuPaul's show in Las Vegas.

What is RuPaul's Show in Las Vegas?

RuPaul's Show in Las Vegas is a live residency that brings the excitement and energy of the hit reality TV series "RuPaul's Drag Race" to Sin City. The show features some of the most iconic and beloved drag queens from various seasons of the television show, who come together to deliver electrifying performances and jaw-dropping runway looks.

Where is the show performed?

The show is performed at the renowned Flamingo Hotel on the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

How long is the show?

The duration of the show typically runs for around 90 minutes to two hours, including intermissions. It's a power-packed performance that keeps the audience entertained from start to finish.

Can I meet the queens after the show?

Yes, meet-and-greet opportunities are often available after select performances. Fans have the chance to meet the drag queens, take photos, and sometimes even get autographs. These experiences can be an unforgettable highlight for die-hard fans.

Is the show family-friendly?

Although the show celebrates diversity and inclusivity, it is generally recommended for mature audiences due to its adult themes, humor, and occasional strong language. Viewer discretion is advised, and parents should consider the content before bringing young children.

How much are RuPaul's Drag Race LIVE Tickets?

Tickets for RuPaul's Show in Las Vegas can be in high demand, especially during peak tourist seasons. Prices vary based on seating options and demand and can be purchased using the Spotlight.Vegas website.

RuPauls Drag Race Live Las Vegas

Does RuPaul perform in the show?

As the host of "RuPaul's Drag Race," RuPaul sometimes makes special guest appearances during the Las Vegas residency. However, the main performers are the talented drag queens from various seasons of the television show.

Are there any audience interactions?

Absolutely! RuPaul's show in Las Vegas often includes segments that involve audience participation. Whether it's cheering on your favorite queen or being invited onstage for a special moment, audience members can become part of the show's magic.

Can I take photos or videos during the performance?

As with most live performances, photography and video recording are generally prohibited during the show to respect the artists' intellectual property rights and maintain the audience's focus on the performance.

Is the show different from the TV series?

While the essence of RuPaul's Drag Race remains intact, the Las Vegas residency is a unique live experience that combines elements of the television show, high-energy performances, and occasional surprises. It offers an opportunity to witness the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent of drag queens up close in a theatrical setting.

RuPaul's Show in Las Vegas has become a sensational hit, drawing fans from across the globe to experience the fabulous world of drag. Whether you're a devoted fan of the TV series or new to the world of drag, this unforgettable live experience promises to leave you feeling empowered, entertained, and inspired.

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