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If you are looking for the best hangover cure and IV therapy in Las Vegas you should look no further than Push IV. We have a special discount code and coupon by using "NOCOVER" at your online checkout or by phone to receive 10% off. Whether you are looking to stop by their location right next to the strip, or have their trained nurses come to you, Push IV is the easiest and must trusted way to find that hangover cure.

Push IV Las Vegas Pricing

How Much Is Push IV In Las Vegas?

Using our promo code "NOCOVER" you'll enjoy 10% off all packages. You'' find that the cost ranges between $100 - $250 per person depending on what package you get. You have the option to head to their location right next to The Strip behind the Bellagio, or you have the option to have their nurses come to you.

What Is IV Hydration?

Hangover recovery with IV hydration involves professional medical equipment and registered nurses that replenish your system and rid your body of hangover symptoms.

Who Uses IV Therapy?

IV therapy is commonly used in Las Vegas to beat the hangovers from drinking and partying, but is also used by athletes and anyone looking to remove fatigue and replenish their bodies. Treat yourself to nurses that come directly to you.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

This treatment isn't or everyone. We suggest connecting directly with the Push IV staff for information on medications, allergies, or any restrictions.

How Do I Get Started?

Feel free to contact them directly with code "NOCOVER" at (702) 445-7874.
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