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After spending a long night in a nightclub listening to the hottest tracks from Skrillex, Lil Jon, or Kaskade, my ears get that constant ring in them during the drive home. It's both annoying and scary, and I know it can't be healthy. Hearing loss can be both temporary and permanent, and exposure to elevated volume levels can cause both. If you're like me, you spend a bit of time being exposed to these potentially dangerous atmospheres, whether you know it or not.
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We've all heard of OSHA, the company that regulates safety in the workplace. Well they regulate the occupational noise exposure levels, and make exposure to such levels as safe as possible by requiring the use of proper ear protection. The nightclub scene is currently unregulated, and employees and guests alike are being exposed to dangerous levels of sound. Our friends over at Sound Signature create custom hearing protection solutions. With 10 years of experience, they use personalized impression techniques so your ear protection devices fit you perfectly, and don't stick out like the cheap foam inserts you sometimes see. They use state of the art materials and products, and are highly recommended for anyone in the nightlife scene.

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