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Promoter Now has announced itself as the Las Vegas Nightlife Concierge. The best place to begin in dealing with nightclub promotions in Las Vegas is to understand that there are all types of promoters and hosts, and they have varying amounts of power and pull. What is the difference between a Las Vegas promoter and host?

What is a Las Vegas Club Promoter

The most common nightclub promoters are the ones you will find when you are walking on The Strip. They are usually wearing clothing with a company logo. They are selling tickets or discounts to the nightclubs, or handing out cards for guest lists. They may also ask for your contact information to add you to their guest list needing your name + the number of other people joining you. They will likely be annoyingly texting you for the night to make sure that you check in on your list. They will tell you that they will be at the club to check you in, but know that they won't.

What is a Club VIP Host?

A nightclub host, better known as a VIP host, is more focused on selling bottle service through table reservations. They are always at the entrance to the actual club, and have pull when it comes to the events. Hosts are also like Promoter Now in that they have a guest list, but they usually don't focus on it. Sales is really what they are after.

If you are in Las Vegas, and are looking for a Promoter Now, you've come to the right spot. We offer free guest list services and VIP hosting contacts that get you the most accurate information and pricing. Skip dealing with annoying promoters and hosts, and let us be your personal concierge.

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