Omnia Nightclub Chandelier In Las Vegas

The technology in lighting, sound, and production in Las Vegas nightclubs is always adapting, but nothing on the planet has come close to dethroning the king. When it comes to the visual stimulation the main room inside Omnia Nightclub is unmatched. The decor, LED walls and live acrobats bring it to life and amplify the nightlife spirit, but at the center of it all there lives the behemoth. I am talking about the out of this world, rotating, separating, and morphing chandelier above the dance floor. Maybe you've seen it, and know exactly what I am talking about, but maybe you haven't. When this thing comes to life you know something special is about to happen.

Whether you are on the Omnia dance floor, at a table, or viewing all the action from the bar, you can't miss this motion enticed decoration. It seriously has a life of it's own and feels at times like a spaceship has landed, and at others like a ballet of art. When inside the club you don't know whether to watch the DJ or the chandelier, which makes you wonder who really runs the show inside Omnia.

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