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GBDC is closed for the 2017 season.
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DAYS OPEN: Saturday
LOCATION: The Palms Hotel & Casino
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Ghostbar Dayclub (GBDC) takes day drinking to a whole new level. This party at the Palms runs opposite of pool season between October and March and can be described using three words: Booze, Costumes, and Confetti. I think it is impossible to not have a great time at this Saturday only event. The music is always on point and the creative new ideas they come up with each week to entertain never let us down. From pinatas and tricycle races to 40's and beer bongs. If you want things to be wild and you enjoy a liquid brunch, GBDC is an easy choice.

How To Get To GhostBar

GhostBar is located near the north end of the Palms Hotel adjacent to Nine Steakhouse. From valet take and immediate left past the front desk, and from the self parking garage take an immediate right. The Palms Hotel is located west of Las Vegas Blvd. We recommend taking transportation to get there.
Palms Hotel Address: 4321 W Flamingo Rd

Nightclub Drink Prices

Beers & well drinks $8, shots and branded drinks $12 - $15, top shelf and energy drink $15+. Also note that water is not free and bottled waters usually go for $7.
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