How Much Does It Cost To Get Into A Las Vegas Nightclub?

Las Vegas Club Entrance Prices

Location Price
Nightclub For Women Guestlist Free
Nightclub For Men Guestlist Free w/ Even Ratio
Nightclub For Women $10 - $30
Nightclub For Men $20 - $60
Nightclub For Women (Holiday Event) $50 - $100
Nightclub For Men (Holiday Event) $50 - $200

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Almost every hotel property in Las Vegas now has bustling nightclub and dayclub scenes, and they are not cheap. The demand to get into these hot spots keeps increasing, and with an increase in demand there comes an increase in price. The cover charge for most venues ranges between $20 and $60 for men, and between $10 and $30 for women. If you are traveling from another major city, you may be used to seeing cover charges in this range; however, for lots of Vegas nightlife newbies, this number can catch them off guard and put a damper on the night, especially on holiday weekends when prices do go up. One easy way to avoid the cover charge costs is to use our free guest list services.

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One way to avoid paying a cover charge, or get a reduction in the cover charge price, is to sign up for our nightclub and dayclub guest lists. Our service is free to use and you can learn more about how the guest list works in our FAQs section.

Another thing to take note of is that the cover charge prices can vary depending on the night or with major events. On certain nights a club may have a headlining DJ or special performance. You can expect there to be an increase in the price to get in. Holidays, which includes New Years, Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day Weekend, and Halloween, will typically have a steep increase in cover charges and free guest lists are closed. For holiday events it is not uncommon to find cover prices that range from $100 to $200.

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