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NIGHTS OPEN: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
LOCATION: Luxor Hotel & Casino
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LAX Nightclub Las Vegas
Groups looking for table and bottle service reservations at LAX Nightclub know they are getting the best seats in the house. LAX is setup with the focus to be on the dance floor and DJ booth located adjacent to it. VIP tables have roped off areas for the groups to have their own seating, room to dance, and sections not accessible by the general public. Bottle service comes with your own waitress, security, and busser for the ultimate service, plus you get the fastest entry into the nightlife venue. Bottle service prices, menus, and availability can be provided to you by directly connecting with a LAX VIP host using our form above.

The best tables in LAX are located on the main stage alongside the DJ both. From here you can see, and easily be apart of, all of the action. This club is known for playing some of the best music for dancing and does a great mix of music. Table location is dependent on a few factors that include how much you plan to spend, the time you arrive at the club, and amount you may provide to nightclub staff.

Connect directly with the LAX hosts and get quote on bottle service reservations. Feel free to ask about LAX's bottle prices, menu, and availability.

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