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While most people are used to nightclubs being open on Friday and Saturday nights, Las Vegas does things a little bit differently. The demand to attend the the hottest nightclubs in the world allows every single night in Sin City to feel like the weekend. That means that even during the week there will be some of the best nightclubs that are not just open, but throwing fantastic events with headlining DJs, live performances, and celebrity hosts.

It is true that not every single club is open every day of the week, but you can rest assured that the week nights there will be multiple clubs open each night. The Las Vegas locals call these midweek parties industry nights or industry events. It's also nights where the locals and industry folks get to go out. During the week you can expect to find clubs that are busy, but not typically slammed slammed slammed like on the weekend. You will also find a better crowd because the venues are not dominated solely by tourist partiers taking things to the next level.

While venues do sometimes add or subtract which nights they promote during the week, we make sure to keep you up to date on what spots are the best to attend on each night. You can also always check our events page to see what guest list events are upcoming.

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